Latest travel news: New calls to end testing ahead of Covid travel review



A UK ski company has highlighted the devastating impact of France’s travel ban, predicting it could cost ski resorts up to € 600m over the season

A spokesperson for the Oxford Ski Company noted:

As French seaside resorts continue to call on the government to ease current restrictions, we as the UK agent continue to look down the abyss, with no indication of a review date or change in restriction. .

During the initial announcement, Christophe Lavaut, director of Val d’Isère, said: “It’s an economic disaster. No company in any industry can do it, loser 42 percent of its customers in two days.’

Since then, French seaside resorts have been informed that they will receive financial support to fill the void left by the absent British contingent. In 2018, the turnover generated by ski resorts in France was 1.4 billion euros (Statista 2018), which, based on Mr Lavaut’s measurements, would suggest a nationwide financial sacrifice of more than 600 million euros – and while this would be “filled” by the central government, the repayment of this debt will fall on French citizens for the years to come, who are already clamoring for our return.

As the new year approaches with a proverbial “laundering” for those wishing to travel to France, we continue to assess the 72% of our clients who are still ready to travel to France this year and for whom the prospect of traveling remains exciting. and tantalizing, though (for the moment at least) almost impossible.

We remain positive for the New Year’s announcements, to the benefit both of the UK travel industry and our hosts in France, but also for our customers, who still aspire to hit the French slopes this winter. The snow is deep, the sky is blue and after an 18-month hiatus, the ski lifts are running

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