Leeds Bradford Airport: Amber List countries that could move to Green or Red Lists next week


Travel review couldn’t come sooner for many Brits who are still hoping to book a last minute summer getaway abroad.

With travel restrictions still in place thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, many would-be vacationers have been left in limbo when it comes to whether or not to leave.

The government-enforced traffic light system – which classifies countries as green, orange or red – is reviewed every few weeks.

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The next one, which is due on August 25 or 26, could see some countries move from one list to another, Birmingham Live reports.

The review earlier this month saw a number of countries move between the lists, including Mexico which was moved to the red list.

She also saw the removal of the Amber Plus list, which at the time only included France.

As a result, France was brought back to the Amber List.

Next week’s update will see more countries on the Green Watch List and the Amber List change.

Travel Minister Grant Shapps is expected to tweet the announcement before announcing it in the House of Commons.

But which countries could switch during the announcement? Here’s everything we know so far about the update that will take place next week.

Which countries could move to the red or green list?

As for the green list, many countries were reportedly added to the list last month.

Paul Charles, head of travel advice at PC agency, said: “There are still many countries that should be on the green list; there is no guarantee that the government will not change countries in the short term; and no cap on testing costs. Travel remains in a government armlock. “

Other countries that could be added are Poland, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Czech Republic due to their low rates of Covid-19 cases and high vaccinations.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Mr Charles said: “When you take the criteria of the seven countries added to the [green] list today, so in fact they also apply to countries that have not been added – like Poland, for example, or the Czech Republic or even Canada.

“So there are many countries in the world that should be on the green list, but are not.”

As for the Red List, Spain is seen as a possibility to be added as it is the second highest in terms of case rate in Europe, but this rate has declined in the past two weeks.

Greece has also been warned about being added to the red list. Coronavirus cases in Greece have increased since restrictions were eased in early May and now stand at around 2,000 to 4,000 new cases per day.

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The highest concentration of new infections is in Athens and Thessaloniki.

In the latest figures from the Greek national public health body, EODY, they recorded 1,888 new coronavirus infections, 17 deaths from Covid-19 and 241 intubating patients on Sunday August 15.

The response to infections on the Greek islands appears to be swift – Mykonos implemented a curfew in July after a number of cases, while Zakynthos and two towns in Crete were briefly blocked due to a spike in cases this month, according to national media.

About 50% of the country’s estimated 11 million people have been fully immunized.

The Greek tourism industry has started to take on an air of normality with socially distanced outdoor cultural entertainment as well as open beaches, bars and restaurants.

However, the country fears that the return of travelers could trigger another wave of the pandemic.

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