Legal challenge against UK Red List hotel quarantine rules rejected by High Court judge



A High Court judge has dismissed an attempt to challenge UK government hotel quarantine rules for travelers arriving in the country from countries designated on the “Red List”. Tom Goodhead, managing partner of lawyers at PGMBM, believes that the hotel quarantine policy is a “fundamental violation of human rights”.

Despite Goodhead’s insistence that the hotel quarantine be abolished, this isn’t the first time such a legal offer has failed at the very first hurdle. Goodhead said Thursday that the law firm now plans to take the case to the Court of Appeal.

The controversial red list was brought down in November after the discovery of the Omicron variant in southern Africa. A large number of countries including South Africa were initially added to the list and in recent days Nigeria has also been hit with a Red List travel ban.

Only UK citizens and certain visa holders are allowed to travel to the UK from a Red List country and they must then self-quarantine at a designated government approved hotel for 10 days. Quarantine stay at the hotel costs £ 2,285 per person.

“We view the hotel quarantine policy as a fundamental violation of the human rights of individuals,” Goodhead said after the dismissal of the latest legal challenge.

“Law-abiding citizens who have been doubly vaccinated and tested negative should not be quarantined at the hotel,” he continued. “The idea that they have to pay for the privilege of their own imprisonment is outrageous. “

In written submissions, the law firm argued that locking people up in a hotel room was a deprivation of liberty. Lawyers acting on behalf of the UK government have countered that people staying in quarantine at the hotel have a choice and choose to travel and then stay in a quarantine hotel.

A High Court judge agreed with the government that the policy was both a necessary and proportionate response to deal with the Omicron variant despite the variant not spreading across the UK, as well as several other countries that are not subject to the same travel restrictions.

In recent days, critics of the policy have described the Red List as the “Black List” because it only targets countries with large black populations, while similar travel restrictions have not been imposed on countries with epidemics. Omicron who have a predominantly white population.

Similar criticisms have been leveled at the White House over the travel ban imposed by the Biden administration on South Africa.

Sajid Javid, UK Health Secretary, has suggested that all travel restrictions, including the Red List, pre-departure testing and post-arrival PCR testing, may soon be removed as the Omicron variant becomes the variant. dominant in the world.

Travel restrictions designed to help slow the spread of Omicron will soon become unnecessary as the variant spreads across the UK.

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