Luxury Opatija – More tourists choose top-notch accommodation


September 18, 2022 – Luxury Opatija is now on more and more people’s radars as more and more tourists opt for premium accommodation and nothing less.

Absolutely excellent results were also recorded in Opatija this summer tourist season, as Morski writes, and this magnificent part of Kvarner has well and truly confirmed itself as an elite destination. The luxury of Opatija has come to the fore, this city dominated by superb Austro-Hungarian architecture seeing its various high category buildings, especially the pool villas and the highest category hotels, being the most sought after and the more quickly reserved.

There are more and more tourists who come to Opatija at least twice a year and exclusively choose luxury accommodation, and these are often cosmopolitans who live at several addresses, notably like the Boskovski couple, who also like Miami, Zürich and Opatija.

”We usually spend the winter in Miami, but over the years, one day when we can’t get to Miami, we would like to come here and spend the winter period in Opatija. In any case, it would be wonderful for us,” said Milka Boskovski, a guest and true lover of Opatija.

Besides luxury, they seek professionalism and kindness, but also the magic of the environment. For Nikola Boskovski, Opatija always had the smell of figs and jasmine when they went to the beach, especially towards Volosko or Lovran.

Recreation, promenade, well-preserved nature, delicious cuisine and a growing number of elite accommodation facilities make Opatija attractive even outside the main season.

”It is important to emphasize that this year the customer profile both in Opatija as a tourist destination and in our hotels has changed. I believe that Opatija has actually become an elite tourist destination in the truest sense,” said Ilija Toric, manager of a five-star hotel in Opatija.

Loyal customers returned and new ones arrived. Suzi Petricic, director of the Opatija Tourist Board, said German and Austrian guests spend the most nights in Opatija. In addition, the number of overnight stays increased compared to the reference year 2019, among other customers, for example those from the European countries of Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Great Britain and Denmark.

Convention season will soon begin with big announcements not only for September but also for the rest of the year, writes HRT.

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