Major railway tender in Poland: the future major Warsaw airport “Solidarity Transport Hub” is looking for a contract engineer



  • Another major call for tenders procedure for the Solidarity Transport Pole

  • STH seeks companies to provide contract engineering services

After extensive tender procedures for the design and construction work, Centralny Port Komunikacyjny Sp. z oo has announced another. The Contract Engineer procedure concerns services related to the construction of railway spokes throughout Poland. The estimated value of the framework agreement amounts to approx. 577 million euros.

The contract engineer is an entity which, on behalf of the investor, supervise the different stages of the investment – from the design, through the execution of the works, up to the stage of the guarantee and the guarantee (optional). These services will guarantee the realization of rail investments at the highest possible level, which will result in the sustainability of the rail lines built by the Company.

The objective of the call for tenders is to select up to 20 contractors who will provide contract engineering services under a framework agreement. Any company that signs it will be able to apply for individual partial tasks.

The STH program is planned for many years to come. Framework agreements allow us to create a long-term professional relationship based on mutual trust and predictability. Selected companies will have access to contracts awarded in the coming years as part of the construction of new railways“, Explain Wild Mikolaj, President of STH SPV.

The main purpose of concluding a framework agreement is to speed up the process of selecting contractors in the later stages of works for linear projects. Cooperation should continue for eight years. The estimated value of the contract is approx. PLN 577 million net.

The scope of tasks covered by the framework agreement will include, for example, services in connection with the work on the design of the building permit and the detailed design (including their examination), representation of the investor during construction works, their acceptance and handover for use with settlements, as well as optional post-investment support and support during the warranty and warranty period.

There is another crucial procedure for the whole investment process ahead of us. We commission professional services to oversee the design or construction activities of future contractors so that 1,800 km of railway lines are built as efficiently as possible and of the highest quality.“, highlighted Slawomir Kanik, Director of the Execution Department of the Railway Sub-Program of STH SPV.

The procedure proceeds as a open tender procedure. The contractor selection criteria mainly include experience. Subsequently, in individual partial task contracts, the price and qualifications of the team indicated by the contractor to carry out the project will be taken into account. Applications are accepted until January 27 2022. The tender is open to Polish and foreign bidders.

The call for tenders for the services of Contract Engineers is another major framework procedure announced by the Company in recent months. In the fall, the Company encouraged applications for a tender for the design of railway lines, worth approx. 7 billion PLN. In December, a construction work procedure in the premises of the Pôle Transport Solidaire was launched. The objective of this call for tenders is to select up to eight contractors to whom the Company will sub-contract the individual design tasks. The estimated value of the contract is exceeded PLN1.7 billion.

Currently, CPK sp. z oo is efficient nine contracts for feasibility studies (FS). They concern the following railway sections: Warsaw – Łódź – Wrocław – Polish-Czech border, Katowice – Ostrawa, Łętownia – Rzeszów, Zamość – Bełżec and Ostrołęka – Łomża – Giżycko, the STH railway junction and the Sieradz – Kalisz – Pleszew – Poznań section. . In total, preparatory work is underway on sections with a total length of 1,200 kilometers.

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