Manchester Airport ‘dreadful’ hotel with ‘poo-stained towels, noisy rooms and smell of smoke’



A hotel near Manchester Airport has received a volley of bad reviews, with one disgruntled customer saying it was the dirtiest he had ever stayed in.

The Airport Inn, in Wilmslow, has been slapped with a barrage of one-star reviews from disappointed travelers who described encountering food under the bed and ‘poop-stained towels’ during their stays.

Other TripAdvisor users have described the Britannia-owned hotel as “old” and “dirty”, with one reviewer even saying “avoid this place like the plague”, reports CheshireLive.

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Located 10 minutes from Manchester Airport, Britannia describes the hotel as “perfect” for anyone going abroad.

However, over the years it has received over 500 “terrible” and 300 “poor” reviews.

“Terrible” reviews include complaints about noise, “stale smoke” smells, and rooms that “have not been decorated for 50 years.”

One reviewer said: “Awful hotel. We booked it last minute and wished we had done some research.

“First impressions were not good – there was a woman swearing and swearing while falling on a sofa in the bar which adjoins reception, then the rooms are quite dirty and smell of stale smoke.

“But the real problem is that this hotel isn’t just for travellers: there’s a huge poster in reception advertising cheap wedding packages.

“Half of the rooms are directly above the reception hall and it seems no effort has been made to stop the noise from those cheap weddings traveling around.

“So it’s midnight, we have an early morning flight to catch and we have no chance of sleeping because there is loud music playing in our rooms from the ground floor. The duty manager doesn’t care. file completely.

“Although this hotel may advertise itself as an airport hotel, if you need a place to stay before a flight, avoid this place like the plague – it has no interest in meeting your needs.”

Another TripAdvisor user titled his review “The dirtiest hotel I have ever stayed in”.

In February this year, Evie Wilman said: “The staff were lovely – no complaints. The whole hotel stunk to the point that we felt sick.

“I arrived in our bedroom, opened the door to something that looks like it hasn’t been decorated in 50 years.

“The 3/4 sockets didn’t work so I couldn’t load everything we needed for the flight, I had to do it from my car. That’s where it gets bad, we weren’t comfortable here so we started looking around just for cleanliness.”

The TripAdvisor user listed the issues with the room.

Explained: “Carpet not vacuumed, crumbs everywhere. Breadsticks under the bed. Hair in the bed. Towel stained with poo. Mold in the bathroom. Wall stained with God knows what. Dust everywhere.”

A guest has revealed he had his ‘most dreadful Christmas’ at the hotel and was ‘delighted’ to be able to return home.

The hotel has leisure facilities including an indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna and squash courts.

But TripAdvisor user Nannapam said the facilities were closed while they were there.

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They said: “We were given this hotel for a four night stay over Christmas on a coach holiday with Just Go.

“The staff were lovely, trying to make up for the horror of the hotel but they were disorganized and totally overwhelmed by several groups of coaches arriving for a Christmas break.

“All the food was buffet style, not particularly appetizing and certainly not hot. Christmas lunch was served at the table but so cooked it was inedible.

“The room we had wasn’t the wrong size but the bathroom was just unacceptable with only a power shower over the bath and all the necessary extras that had to be requested such as toilet rolls.

“There was a swimming pool which would have made the stay a bit more enjoyable but it was closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“Nothing else to do there, can take a short walk but nothing else near the hotel.

“The entertainment was there every night of the stay, the first night was brilliant but downhill thereafter.

“A disco was set up for Christmas night but it was so loud it couldn’t stay in the same room. I’m just glad our stay was over and we were able to go home. “

Another reviewer revealed noise issues during their stay and described the hotel as “run down”.

After arriving at the Airport Inn at 2.30am, TripAdvisor user Ian Slack said: ‘Upon arrival we saw the couple in the next room having a loud argument with themselves, it went on all day. night and at 6am I phoned reception to get the noise. stopped.

“Which didn’t happen. You would expect a hotel called the Airport Inn to welcome travelers arriving late at night and have some sort of noise code, similar to the Premier Inn.

“When I expressed my displeasure at checkout, the service staff member was (indifferent).

“Also the hotel is dirty and tired, the bathroom was stained, as were the carpets. The overall look of the hotel was that of a run down beyond its best bargains.

“I wouldn’t touch this establishment with a barge pole.”

There is at least one guest who left happy, however.

A four-star review – the only four-star review in the past four months – was left in January by a satisfied customer.

They said: “The good reception allowed us to check in efficiently. Now for the rooms, I have no complaints or observations about the headboard or the dark wood furniture, I have observations about the sheets clean whites and clean white towels.

“Dinner buffet and for what we paid [on] the night very acceptable in fact i had the chilli very tasty.

“A good night’s sleep followed by a very good breakfast. The toaster only toasted one side which I’m sure could cause a huge drama.

“Thumbs up to the catering staff who couldn’t have worked harder or been more helpful…A very good night’s stay and wouldn’t hesitate to return.”

Britannia has been contacted for a comment on the Airport Inn Manchester.

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