Mastercard, Thales and FPC provide the launch of the biometric payment card in Poland


Pocztowy bank in Poland is the latest to start issuing biometric payment cards to its customers, following a trial run with partners Fiserv Polska SA, Mastercard and Thales.

The bank started issuing the cards on December 20 and says they offer enhanced security and support secure remote transactions. Thales is responsible for the development of the fingerprint card, as well as for packaging and distribution.

Thales is providing biometric technology for Mastercard with its partner Fingerprint Cards, which foreshadowed the announcement at the end of October. The partners just announced an agreement to provide biometric credit cards in Jordan in early December.

The cards are currently available for business clients of Bank Pocztowy and are expected to be made available to small and medium-sized businesses in January.

Interestingly, the companies note in the announcement that the biometric fingerprint sensor is designed to be more efficient than sensors on mobile devices.

“Thanks to an extensive and fruitful cooperation with our partners, this ambitious project was crowned with success and today Bank Pocztowy can offer the first EMV biometric card to Polish customers. This is a revolutionary event in the field of cashless payments in Poland. Until now, in Europe, this modern solution could only be used by French customers, ”says Agata Kontrym-Woś, board member and sales manager for banking and payment services at Thales DIS Poland. “Concerned about its customers, Bank Pocztowy has opted for innovation and convenience. I have no doubts that new cardholders will appreciate the security and speed of the transaction, which will help to continue the digital transformation of the market.

Card payments account for 62% of all transactions in Poland, according to the announcement.

“Thales as a supplier of new technologies is a trusted partner, which is particularly important in an area as sensitive as payment services and data protection. We are delighted that this cooperation allows us to reach new milestones on the path to the digitization of the banking sector and allows customers to benefit from practical and innovative solutions, but secure. We look forward to continuing the project so that the biometric card can also be used by our private customers, ”adds Marcin Ledworowski, Member of the Board for Business and IT, Bank Pocztowy.

A recent forecast from the Smart Payment Association indicates that biometric payment cards could reach the general public as early as next year.

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