Michigan man back in US after being rescued from Ukraine amid Russian invasion


A Jackson, Michigan man is among other rescued Americans who have returned to the United States after spending months in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

Project DYNAMO co-founder Bryan Stern and three US citizens rescued from violent areas of Ukraine arrived in New York on Friday afternoon after a 20-hour trip from Ukraine and Poland. Stern has conducted more than 200 rescue missions in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion.

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  • Kirillo Alexandrov, 27, of Jackson, and his family were arrested and taken prisoner in late March. They were falsely accused of spying and held by Russian forces until Project Dynamo made a rescue in early May.

  • Terry Gateley of Texas, a Christian missionary, was arrested and detained by Russian intelligence for eight days and subjected to mental and physical torture before Project DYNAMO secured his release last week.

  • John Spor, an American nuclear physicist was rescued from Ukraine and is already in Texas.

  • CJ Pegg, an 85-year-old US Navy veteran living in Kherson, was rescued last week and required four ambulances throughout the evacuation due to health issues.

The four evacuees were rescued from the Kherson and Mariupol regions of Ukraine, which are under Russian occupation and bombardment, according to Project Dynamo.

The Dynamo project said it rescued more than 3,000 people from violent areas of Ukraine and transported them safely to neighboring countries.

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Project momentum is a private, donor-funded, civilian-led evacuation operation.

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