MP ‘humiliated’ by seeing vital support offered to Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Stuart Anderson MP meets delegates during a visit to Poland and Germany

Stuart Anderson was part of the Defense Select Committee’s trip to the continent to discuss stepping up UK support for Ukrainian troops in the face of Russia’s continued assault.

In Warsaw, the committee, which became the first such group from a NATO country to visit Poland since the start of the invasion, met with their counterparts in the Polish government.

They also met with British troops and oversaw the delivery of ventilators and other medical supplies to be distributed across the Ukrainian border.

Wolverhampton South West MP Mr Anderson said the committee also visited Berlin, where members hailed Germany’s commitment to increased defense spending and witnessed aid humanitarian assistance provided to vulnerable Ukrainian refugees.

The former soldier said: “We are fully committed to supporting Ukraine in defending its nation as well as countries on the front line of humanitarian efforts, including Germany and Poland.

“We must do everything we can so that Ukraine is not only helped to defend itself, but so that it can emerge from this crisis as a strong country with the ability to choose its own destiny.

“As the first group of parliamentarians from any NATO country to visit Poland since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, we have seen firsthand the vital assistance being provided to vulnerable Ukrainians.

“It was a humbling and moving experience, which underscored the importance of working together to end Putin’s brutal rule – ensuring he stands trial for war crimes.

“We welcome the government’s increased support for NATO partners at the frontline of the response in continental Europe, and are grateful to our partners such as Germany and Poland for their work in ensuring that this assistance reaches those in need.”

Mr Anderson’s comments came as the UN Refugee Agency reported that four million people have fled their homes in Ukraine since the conflict began, with millions more internally displaced. country.

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