My hospitality career has taken me to live and work in 8 different countries so far


Niccolo Rossi is a seasoned hotelier, from his early days as a pastry chef in Italy to his current role as Deputy General Manager at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek. During his career, he has traveled the world and lived in 8 different countries.

Starting out in the hospitality industry with an apprenticeship as a chocolatier in Italy 22 years ago, Niccolo Rossi has since held positions such as Pastry Chef, Sous Chef, Executive Chef, F&B Director, Operations Director. He now holds the No. 2 position at the Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek, the city’s oldest five-star hotel with 288 rooms, 15 dining outlets, a spa and health club and a large M&E, wedding operation. and restoration. During this period, his career took him to live in 8 countries including; Italy, United States, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Russia and United Arab Emirates.

Where did it all start for you?

I was born in Florence, Italy and was first inspired by my mother. I always remember her cooking amazing meals and hosting dinner parties with her friends and family. From the age of 6-7, I started with cakes. I remember not enjoying the cakes I found so I wanted to try and make my own. Later, in high school, I hosted my own dinner parties to cook for friends. Cooking and entertaining has been one of my passions since childhood.

Where did you study? What was your first international role?

I began my professional training in the hotel industry with an apprenticeship as a chocolatier with Edouard Bechoux, a Belgian master chocolatier in Tuscany, before obtaining my chef’s certificate in 2004. In 205, I went to Barcelona to become a gourmet pastry chef under the direction of Jordi Burton Espaisucre, Michelin starred. . My first skilled position abroad came with the opening of an Italian restaurant in southern Poland where I was hired as an executive chef. I had never opened a restaurant before and didn’t speak any Polish so this really took me out of my comfort zone.

Where have you lived the longest outside the UAE? How to travel as a family?

I lived in Kyiv, Ukraine and Georgia for about 4 years. I grew in my career, so as new opportunities and promotions came my way, I continued to pursue them. I have a wife and a son, who move with me and fully support my career. Once you have the mindset that wherever you go, you’ll get there together, then that’s okay. For my son, he is now fluent in three languages ​​and knows two more. He has primordial friends all over Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

What have you learned about the hospitality or the cuisine of the countries in which you have lived?

I think I learned something from everywhere I lived. When I worked in Ukraine, I really noticed the authenticity of the team there and their penchant for learning. The food there was very unique, so it was very difficult to follow a diet. In Georgia, I really felt like home. Social eating habits are very similar to those in Italy, there is a real emphasis on gathering friends and family and cooking at home. Wine is as important to Georgians as it is to Italians. The Dutch really taught me what it means to be proud of your food, yourself and your past. I still dream of Poland and tasty stews.

What advice would you give to anyone considering relocating for their career?

If you have a passion in life, you must follow it. Of course, nothing is simple, there will always be an element of fear, but if you have passion and integrity and the things that keep you grounded like your family and education, you’ll be fine. Try to take advantage of the best that each country has to offer rather than trying to compare, and remember, if that doesn’t work, you can always go home.


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