Nine new recruits join the security team at Shannon Airport


Shannon Airport has expanded its airport security team, with nine new recruits receiving their official certificates after undergoing airport security training.

New officers at the Airport Screening Unit (ASU) have undergone training, which includes the use of the airport’s multimillion-euro 3D X-ray screening system.

The high-tech system has built-in explosives detection software, which eliminates the need for passengers to separate liquids and electronic devices from their carry-on baggage.

Shannon said it was the first state airport to introduce this new technology, which cuts the time spent going through screening in half.

Since March this year, the airport has recruited a total of 19 ASU officers to complement its existing team.

The new recruits come from Limerick, Clare, Galway, Lithuania, Poland and as far away as Bangladesh and New Zealand.

Sisters Natasha and Michaela Conroy, Portumna Co Galway using a C3 EDS cabin baggage screening machine

“We are committed to making our passengers’ journey through Shannon Airport as easy as possible,” said John Francis, Security Manager at Shannon Airport.

“New hires have undergone intensive training in all aspects of airport security to prepare them for this extremely important role as we continue to invest in our screening process.

“Our team works across the unit, from greeting passengers and checking boarding passes, to scanning baggage x-rays on our highly advanced system and guiding passengers as they are starting to go through the security process,” he added.

ASU training covers a wide range of areas, including manual search of carry-on and personal baggage, vehicle screening, contraband identification, in-flight and airport supply screening, as well as customer service, reduced mobility and familiarization training in the special area of ​​the airport. needs a program.

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