No, Wharton students, the average American worker doesn’t earn $800,000 and $50 billion in student debt could be wiped out in bankruptcy, report says


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Fewer American workers belong to unions, even as the pandemic has shone a light on poor working conditions

Even though union membership is declining, union members receive better pay than their non-union counterparts. Read more

$50 billion in student debt could be erased by bankruptcy, report says

Private student loans held by 2.6 million borrowers could be canceled in federal court, according to the Student Borrower Protection Center. Read more

‘Your great-great-great-grandchildren will still be vaccinated against coronavirus’: This Mayo Clinic doctor says it’s too late to eradicate COVID-19

Will the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus be eradicated? “No, it won’t,” says Dr. Gregory Poland, who studies the immunogenetics of vaccine response at the Mayo Clinic. Read more

Bad news for first-time buyers: Mortgage rates are skyrocketing in the age of the pandemic

Homebuyers today can expect to pay nearly $3,000 more per year to own a home than they would have a year ago. Read more

‘There’s a penalty for being black’: How current racism devalues ​​black people and their property – and what to do about it

“There’s nothing wrong with black people that ending racism can’t fix,” says Andre Perry, author of “Know Your Price.” Read more

$1.9M COVID-19 jobless scam unfolds after fraudsters left key evidence in Yonkers hotel room

Cops were called after hotel staff found hundreds of unemployment debit cards abandoned in a room after checkout, prosecutors said. Read more

Sales of existing homes fall due to shortage of listings, which surprises most economists

Economists had expected home sales to remain flat, following the emergence of the omicron variant. Read more

No, Wharton students, the average American worker doesn’t make $800,000.

At one of the top business schools in the United States, a question has students baffled. Read more

Will Volvo offer a self-driving car this year? May be.

Volvo is in the mix for self-driving cars, but there are several important caveats to the news. Read more

The airline reward plans that give you the most bang for your buck

A comparison of US airline rewards programs on the number of points earned per dollar spent, as well as point value, reveals which is the best. Read more


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