NYC COVID-19 isolation hotel stay came with a free Coach bag: Report


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Receiving a Coach bag after staying at a hotel under New York’s COVID-19 quarantine program?

Apparently the guests received designer handbags as parting gifts, former visitors who stayed at the LaGuardia Plaza hotel in Queens told the New York Post.

In one case, a 32-year-old performance artist who caught COVID-19 last November explained that a staff member brushed them off and informed them they were getting a gift when they finished their quarantine.

“They led me to this table which is just full of Coach handbags,” Sam Szabo of Williamsburg told The Post.

Szabo stayed at the hotel for eight days for fear of infecting a roommate.

Another person said: ‘You take the elevator down to the lobby, and just as you come out there’s a stack of Coach bags behind a retractable rope and you go up and get what you want and someone behind the rope hands it to you.”

When asked to comment, NYC Health + Hospitals told the Post that the bags were apparently part of a recent initiative in March 2021, when the Coach Foundation offered to make a one-time corporate donation of Coach products to the New Yorkers who had received coronavirus-related care in the city’s public hospital system.

Most of the items were given to guests of the isolation hotel, a spokesperson said.

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