Odd News Roundup: Lithuania delivers letters 50 years after they were sent; Dog-friendly hotel in South Africa offers ‘six-star’ canine luxury and more


Here is a summary of current odd news stories.

South Africa dog hotel offers ‘six-star’ canine luxury

Five stars is usually the most a luxury hotel can get, but one in Cape Town gives its canine guests so much attention its owners say it deserves six. The city’s Superwoof Dog Hotel offers affluent South African pooches the kind of treatment that many humans in poverty-stricken South Africa could only dream of.

Cuban children with disabilities pet jaguars and snakes for therapy

Baby jaguars and an endemic, intricately colored boa known as a “maja” are among the exotic animals at Cuba’s National Zoo that parents and teachers say provide exceptionally effective therapy for children with special needs. Children pet jaguars and play with their paws, stroke the cool, wet skin of snakes and give milk to a zebu cow as part of a program to help people with special needs overcome their fears, said zoo keepers.

Lithuania delivers letters 50 years after they were sent

A letter written to a 12-year-old girl in Lithuania was delivered in December, nearly 51 years after it was sent by a correspondent in Poland. “I thought someone was playing a prank on me,” Genovefa Klonovska said after receiving the letter, which included a colorful handmade rose and two paper dolls.

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