One of Europe’s busiest airports is offering cash to people who missed their flights due to huge queues


Schiphol Airport, AmsterdamGrace Dean/Initiate

  • If you missed a flight from Amsterdam Schiphol because you were stuck in a queue, you could get compensation.

  • The Dutch airport is offering compensation to people who missed their flight due to queues.

  • Passengers must apply by September 30 and need proof that they arrived at the airport on time.

Amsterdam Schiphol – one of the busiest airports in Europe – offers compensation to people who arrived at the airport on time but missed their flight due to long queues for check-in and Security.

Passengers can get compensation for booked flights, hotel accommodation and meals at the airport, Schiphol said in a statement. The compensation only covers people who missed their flights solely because of queues and does not offer money to people affected by canceled or delayed flights.

“We understand the inconvenience caused by your missed flight and the additional costs you incurred due to security queues at Schiphol,” the airport said.

Passengers who had booked flights departing from Schiphol between April 23 and August 11 are eligible for compensation if they arrived at the airport at the time indicated by their airline, missed their flight “in due to unprecedented wait times at security screening”, and the costs incurred which are not reimbursed by another party.

Passengers can claim compensation for an alternative flight, including return transportation to Schiphol or to another airport, if applicable, or to get to their destination by another mode of transportation.

They can also claim compensation if they had to book accommodation at or near the airport, as well as non-refundable compensation for accommodation, transport and activities at their destination.

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport, AmsterdamGrace Dean/Initiate

To obtain compensation, passengers must provide proof that they were on time at the airport. Schiphol says it could be a parking ticket with entry time, proof of departure from the station, a photo with timestamp or a WhatsApp message. Passengers must apply for compensation by September 30.

Schiphol said that if passengers obtain compensation, they will not be able to obtain future compensation from the airport for additional or new costs or damages related to the same missed flight.

Passenger numbers are almost back to pre-pandemic levels, but airports and airlines don’t have as many workers due to factors including layoffs, strikes and resignations.

Schiphol said that “it has not been possible to have sufficient security personnel in recent weeks and months”, causing huge queues for security.

“The current special situation is due to exceptional circumstances for which Schiphol is not responsible,” he added. The airport has urged customers to arrive no earlier than four hours before their flight to ease congestion.

It’s not just the long queues that affect passengers at Schiphol. In mid-July, “thousands” of checked-in suitcases were also abandoned at the airport due to technical problems.

Schiphol offers flights to around 300 destinations and is a major transfer hub, with almost 44% of its passengers changing planes at the airport last year.

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