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This year, like the previous one, was eventful to say the least. In the midst of ups and downs, National Geographic traveler (UK) and National Geographic Traveler’s Food (UK) have continued to bring travel stories and culinary inspiration to our dedicated readers. You’ve visited our website in record numbers, especially at times when we found ourselves grounded or finally able to plan those long-awaited trips.

You’ve come to us for all things Covid-19, whether it’s the latest update to the ever-growing greenlist over the summer months, or face mask advice to wear on your flight. But other than Covid-19, it looks like you’ve relied on us for expert advice on everything from bicycles to motorhomes (both, oddly enough, quite pandemic resistant). You will notice that remote working and outdoor bars in London were popular (among the most positive effects of the pandemic). Among the hundreds of inspiring articles posted online this year, browse our 12 most read articles below.

1. Five expert cyclists share their favorite UK routes
The GB team riders may have impressed us in the velodrome, but cycling is not only the preserve of the track titans – the sport is more popular than ever with amateurs too, with 22% of more bikes sold in the UK in 2021 compared to 2019. Over the various blocks, it seems people have discovered the joys of jumping in the saddle, from its countless health benefits to the thrilling feeling of freedom. From the wilderness of Scotland to the lush green parks of London, we take a two-wheeled tour through the UK as five cycling experts share their favorite rides.

2. Experts share tips for discovering the UK in a motorhome this summer
Motorhome rental in the UK has been given a huge boost by travelers looking for private accommodation that allows freedom on the open road between closures. Joining the established car rental players in the market, a number of boutique operators are now offering redesigned retro rides, and several van sharing websites offer a wide selection of private vehicles. Rentals cover the whole range from comfortable family motorhomes to rustic 1960s VWs.

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