Poland, Hungary could drop orange list as expert delivers Covid travel verdict


Two Amber List countries could be on the Green List this month, according to an expert.

Travel expert and journalist Tim White believes the two countries could move from Amber List to Green List in the next travel update.

This means that unvaccinated travelers do not need to self-isolate upon their return to the UK.

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Tim White, travel expert and journalist, said on Twitter: “There seemed no logical reason to leave Hungary and Poland off the green list.

“I strongly suspect that the reason not based on the data was that England were playing World Cup matches in both countries prior to this review.

“#Hungary is now seeing 130 new cases of # Covid19, up from just 20. Four more deaths.”

Meanwhile, the next travel review is scheduled for Wednesday September 15 or Thursday September 16.

The first announcements were made on Thursday evening, however, recently Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted the updates earlier on Wednesday.

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The latest review saw seven countries go green – which, while good news for travelers, was lower than some of the expectations.

The Azores in Portugal, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania and Switzerland have been added to the green list.

Meanwhile, many breathed a sigh of relief after European holiday destinations such as Spain, France, Portugal and Greece remained on the Orange List. Rumors around these countries entering the red list were rife, although many travel experts were reassuring.

Turkey remained on the red list, much to the disappointment of the country and potential visitors.

Montenegro and Thailand have moved from the orange list to the red list and mandatory quarantine in hotels.

Others, like Jamaica and Saint Lucia, have escaped this fate, despite previous speculation.

Around 80% of people over 16 in the UK have now received both doses of the vaccine, making travel to Amber List countries viable – as fully vaccinated people do not have to quarantine themselves at home. their return.

With the latest overhaul of the traffic light system for international travel taking place on August 26, many are eagerly awaiting the next announcement.

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