Poland opens its doors to Bangladeshis stranded in Ukraine



Holders of valid passports will be able to cross the Polish border by presenting their passport to border guards, the Bangladesh Embassy in Warsaw said in a statement on Thursday.

Those who do not have a passport can also enter the country with a travel pass. The embassy has asked all Bangladeshis to carry two passport-sized color photographs with them.

A delegation from the Bangladesh Mission in Warsaw will depart for the Polish-Ukrainian border to help Bangladeshis enter the country on Friday, the statement said.

The embassy pointed to the explosions that rocked Ukraine as well as a shortage of gasoline and reports of heavy traffic jams on the way to the Polish border. Under these circumstances, he urged expatriate Bangladeshis, who live far from the border, to monitor the situation closely before leaving.

After days of mounting tensions, Russian forces launched a ground and air offensive against Ukraine on Thursday. The capital, Kiev, is also bombarded.

Bangladeshis living in different cities in Ukraine have found themselves trapped in the conflict and have called on the authorities to rescue them. Most of them are students.

The distance from Kiev to the Polish border is around 500 km but the closure of airspace in the region and abnormal ground traffic make the journey precarious, according to Bangladeshis stranded in Ukraine.

Many Bangladeshi students do not have enough money to travel to Poland. Their woes are exacerbated by the complexity of receiving money from Bangladesh.

Bangladeshis are reportedly trapped in the Ukrainian town of Mariupol, more than 1,000 km from the Polish border. Russian forces also attacked the area on Thursday.


The Embassy has provided several hotlines for information and emergency communications for expatriate Bangladeshis listed below.

Md Masudur Rahman: +48 739 527 722

Farhana Yasmine: +48 690 282 561

Bilal Hossain: +48 739 634 125

Mohamed Rabbani: +48 696 745 903

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