Poland supports visa ban for all Russians


The Polish government fully supports a proposal by the Estonian authorities to ban the EU-wide entry of Russian tourists and other types of travelers from that country as part of the sanctions imposed on Russia in because of the latter’s war in Ukraine.

Poland’s position in this regard was revealed by the country’s press secretary, Peter Muller.

I will say in general, since I do not know the details of the proposals in question, that Poland is fully committed to far-reaching sanctions. We therefore support this type of action, in particular those initiated by our partners in Central and Eastern Europe.Muller said, according to an article published by RIA Novosti.

However, sources from the latter outlet at the EU Permanent Mission in Moscow claim that no decision has yet been taken at EU level to abolish the issuance of visas to Russians.

Estonian authorities have stepped up calls to ban the issuance of Schengen visas to Russian citizens as part of the sanctions against Russia, as the number of applicants has increased since July 15, when Russia removed related travel restrictions. to the coronavirus for its citizens. At the same time, the number of Russians with valid visas traveling to the EU has also increased.

Estonian Interior Minister Lauri Läänemets recently said that Schengen visa rules prevent Estonia from preventing people who have obtained a visa from another Schengen country from entering Estonia, insisting that that the issue should be addressed at EU level.

We share the Schengen area, which means people with visas from other countries can come to Estonia and often use it as a transit country“, remarked the Minister.

However, the country has decided to no longer issue visas or residence permits to young Russians for the purpose of studying in Estonia. At the same time, Russian and Belarusian workers can no longer register employment in Estonia with visas issued by other EU countries.

The country’s Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu also believes that travel restrictions for Russian citizens should be agreed at EU level.

But it is curious how masses of Russian tourists can cross the western border – via Finland, Latvia, Lithuania – and visit the Louvre during the summer school holidays when children are being murdered in Ukraine. A morally impotent situation“, he said while speaking on the”Ringvaade» TV show Monday.

The debate is also underway in other EU countries, especially those close to Russia, including here Finland, where the majority of the Finnish parliament wants to stop issuing visas to Russian nationals.

The country’s Foreign Ministry has offered six options to restrict Russian tourism, which are (1) completely stop issuing visas for Russians, (2) limit the number of accepted visa applications, (3) allow entry into Finland from Russia only to relatives of Finnish residents for good reason, (4) cancellation of all visas issued to Russian citizens, (5) closure of the border for passenger traffic, and (6) the last is a general decision of the EU on this situation.

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