Police detonate gambling den in hotel room in Rajkot and arrest 10 | Rajkot News

Rajkot: Criminal branch detectives blew up a gambling den inside a hotel and also arrested 10 people involved in the illegal activity on Wednesday.
Police said at the request of the hotel manager, who provided an Aadhaar card from a person who was not present in the hotel, the receptionist allowed the 10 people to assemble in one room. The cops seized Rs 10.24 lakh in cash in the hotel room, 13 mobile phones worth Rs 4.93 lakh as well as two SUVs worth Rs 20 lakh from the accused.
The main player, Narendrasinh Jadeja (33), resident of Lodhika and land merchant had orchestrated the clandestine operation after asking the manager of the hotel, John Kuria Kosh to give them a room.
Speaking to the media, Police Zone 1 Deputy Commissioner Praveen Kumar said: “Narendrasinh asked Warden Kosh to give them a room, which he asked receptionist Preeti Patel to provide. Kosh then emailed an Aadhaar card from a certain Sohil Kothiya, a resident of Jamnagar who was not present, to the receptionist for the hotel file.
Police said the receptionist handed the room key to Vipul Bechra, another accused, even though the ID did not match. Kothiya’s age, as stated on the proof of identity, is 22, while Bechra is 45. The receptionist did not verify her identity before handing her the key, cops said.
Police arrested Narendrasinh jadeja (33), Manish Sondagar (40), Vipul Bechra (45), Rasik Bhalodiya (43), Rajan Mehta (43), Bharat Dalsaniya (42), Karan Parmar (33), Kamlesh Popat (53 ), Arvind Faldu (41 years old) and Pradeep Chavda (29 years old).
With the exception of two defendants, a few of the defendants have factories in Morbi, while others are engaged in real estate and other businesses.
Hotel manager Kosh is still at large and the receptionist has not been arrested but has been given a notice to explain her act, cops said.

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