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Created: April 28, 2022 5:00 p.m.

Police will carry out proactive patrols to deter crime against tourists (file photo)

Police are warning tourists to protect themselves from opportunistic thieves after a number of visitors were targeted by criminals.

Two elderly women were injured in a fight with a bag thief at St George’s yesterday, while a third visitor had her handbag taken from the basket of her livery cycle.

Police say the two women, aged 67 and 69, were walking on Cut Road near Floral Lane, St. George at around 3pm when a man on a dark-coloured motorbike got on and grabbed a bag of l 67 year old man. old, knocking her to the ground.

Both women suffered minor injuries as they grappled with the suspect, who eventually escaped with the bag containing cash, credit cards and travel documents.

The thief, who was described as around 5ft 10in tall, wore a black long-sleeved top, dark colored pants and a shiny white helmet with a reflective visor.

In an earlier incident, a visitor had her purse stolen from her livery cycle while driving down South Road at Smith’s.

Just after 1 p.m., a black man dressed in black and wearing a black helmet with a full face visor, approached and grabbed his purse containing an Apple iPhone, cash, bank cards and driver’s licenses in the rear wire basket. The suspect then drove off on St Mark’s Road.

Acting Chief Inspector Kenten Trott said the Bermuda Police Department was conducting proactive patrols in an effort to prevent more visitors from being targeted.

He said: ‘The BPS is aware that where these types of offenses have occurred before, there are often a number of them, until the offenders are apprehended.

“We will conduct proactive patrols and vehicle stops in an effort to combat these crimes while reviewing CCTV coverage of the areas.”

Crime prevention tips for visitors

The Bermuda Police Department has provided the following tips to deter crimes against visitors

• When you are at your hotel or accommodation, use the hotel or room safes, if available. Do not leave valuables in plain sight

• Secure your room at night and when you go out for the day

• When traveling across the island on rental mopeds, secure all your items in the basket or carrier provided. Cover it, if necessary, to prevent your belongings from being stolen or lost in transit

• When you are at the beach or in another tourist spot, never leave valuables unattended. Valuables in your hotel rooms, whether occupied or unoccupied or left unattended on beaches or other tourist spots are more vulnerable to theft

• When walking at night, use main thoroughfares which are usually well lit

• When you go to a nightclub or a bar, use common sense and never leave your drink unattended.

• Bermuda is a small community with many neighborhoods. If during your travels you walk or ride in an area where you feel uncomfortable, leave as soon as possible

• Reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime by maintaining full awareness of your surroundings

• If you have any concerns about your safety on the island, contact your hotel or guesthouse security officer. The local police department is available 24 hours a day and works from various stations across the island. If you want to report a crime or incident, call the police as soon as possible.

Mr Trott stressed that Bermuda was still a safe destination – but that it was important that visitors did not encourage opportunistic criminals.

He said: “The vast majority of tourism offenses are crimes of opportunity, so it makes sense to take reasonable precautions to reduce your risk of falling victim to such crimes.

“We’re not saying Bermuda is a less safe destination. What we often say is that people, when they are on vacation, let their guard down.

“Bermuda is beautiful, it’s paradise, it’s the best place in the world, but you still have to take these precautions. We just want to make sure people have fun, but it’s safe.

Mr Trott said the police will work with tourism professionals to get their message across.

Anyone with information about the two crimes yesterday is asked to call Acting Sergeant Simon Fraser on 717 2462, the main police number on 295 0011 or 211, or the Crime Stoppers helpline at 800 8477.

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