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Pawel Buszman, MD, is a world-renowned cardiologist from Poland who visited Sanford Health recently to share insights and exchange health care.

Accompanied by Sanford Health interventional cardiologists Tom Stys, MD, and Adam Stys, MD — brothers who also grew up in Poland and now live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota — Dr. Buszman met with leaders and providers of Sanford for three days. Included were tours of the Sanford USD Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, the Sanford House Health Foundation and Sanford Research Center.

“Sanford is a very modern state-of-the-art cardiovascular hospital and network that provides all kinds of cardiovascular services,” Dr. Buszman said. “They should be very proud of their model system – every procedure that can be performed in the world is performed here. At the same time, they have developed unique methods for evaluating cardiology and cardiovascular disease.

The global cardiology village

Dr. Buszman is known worldwide for his innovations in cardiovascular disease as well as his systems of care. He patented a new heart valve that could one day be used at Sanford. He was also involved in several advances in cardiovascular research that traveled far beyond his native Poland.

“Professor Buszman is a world leader in cardiovascular disease,” said Dr. Tom Stys. “Cardiology is a global village. Our ambition at Sanford has been to grow and provide the best and latest treatment options to our patients. The best results happen when we can learn from each other.

Dr. Buszman’s appearance is part of an ongoing commitment to the Sanford Cardiovascular Institute’s determination to serve its patients. It is a way to strengthen relationships within the global cardiology village.

“We can learn a lot from each other,” said Dr. Tom Stys. “An interventional cardiologist and a scientist of his caliber bring us enormous advantages. We look forward to future collaboration and the creation of an even better care system to serve our patients.

Future collaboration with Sanford

Of particular interest to Dr. Buszman is Sanford’s work with population health and the early identification of people who may have a heart attack in their future. The doctor is also keenly interested in Sanford’s efforts to provide comprehensive genetic risk assessments for heart disease. Both areas point to future collaboration.

“We will start with cooperation by learning from each other,” said Dr. Adam Stys. “I think we could then expand it overseas. There are many good projects that can be done together for the benefit of patients and health systems.

Innovation in cardiology can be measured by creating revolutionary new procedures, but also in less complex ways. Advances in heart and blood vessel screening, for example, are making it possible to provide better heart health care to more people.

Dr. Buszman’s visit and future cooperation with Sanford has the potential to advance these efforts.

“My colleagues at Sanford have developed unique assessment methods,” he said. “Addressing cardiovascular disease risk is something that can be introduced into general practice in the future to prevent large-scale cardiovascular events and reduce cardiovascular mortality. It can provide very cost-effective methods of screening patients for primary and secondary prevention.

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