Resi Stay The Hotel Kyoto adds a new Hello Kitty-themed room with freebies


Another reason to visit kitty yoto.

Japanese hotel chain Resi Stay designs rooms that are both practical and stylish, with some functioning as mini-apartments. They also take pride in their interior design, especially their themed rooms like the Hello Kitty-themed room at their Kyoto Nishiki branch.

Now Resi Stay Hotel Kyoto in central Kyoto has a brand new Hello Kitty themed room!

▼ Every inch of it has shoutouts to the popular character, like this wall art.

This room Hello Kitty combines cute modern pieces with traditional Japanese elements like sliding doors, paper screens, etc. Even the wallpaper has the famous cat on it, wearing a kimono and sipping a cup of matcha green tea.

▼ You’ll feel like you’re hanging out in the garden with her.

But probably the cutest part of the room is the seating area. The table is made to look like a cup of matcha, and the couch and cushions look like tricolor mochi (dango sanshoku) complete with “skewers”.

▼ There are also poufs and stools made in the image of the flower shape wagashior Japanese sweets.

One of the most traditional and eye-catching parts of the wall is the round “window” through which you can see Hello Kitty enjoying the beauty of a Japanese garden in her kimono.

▼ Look at this serene scene!

▼ You can also see his silhouette in other areas.

And since Resi Stay hotels want to be both stylish and useful, the room is equipped with all kinds of amenities such as refrigerator, washing machine, Wi-Fi, convection microwave, iron, vacuum cleaner, etc.

▼ You may or may not want to live there after spending a night there.

If you book this room Hello Kitty, you will also get some freebies like a free Hello Kitty tote bag, mask, hand sanitizer and mask case. And while you can’t take it home, you’ll also get a dress to wear inside the hotel that’s—you guessed it—Hello Kitty themed.

The room can accommodate up to four people, so if you have a group trip (or even a solo trip) planned in Kyoto when the coronavirus situation has calmed down, consider booking this room! You won’t find a cuter place to stay to plan your Hello Kitty themed wedding.

Hotel information
Resi Stay Le Kyoto
Address: Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Shimogyo-ku, Gakurincho 308-2

Sources: Resi Stay, PR Times via Nijimen
Images: Rest Resi
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