Robe supports the Stage of Tomorrow conference in Poland



Robe supports the Stage of Tomorrow conference in Poland

Robe supports the Stage of Tomorrow conference in Poland

Poland – Robe supported the fourth edition of the Stage of Tomorrow (Scena Jutra) conference, organized at the Teatr Wielki Polish National Opera in Warsaw, organized by the Stage of Tomorrow Foundation and its president Rafal Rzeczkowski, with the Polish specialist in sales of technologies from production Prolight and Teatr Wielki, the latter represented by Technical Director Malgorzata Szablowska.

The dynamic one-day event included more than 150 presentations, seminars and discussions related to the production industry, focusing on the topic of virtual reality, extended, augmented, etc. and its potential for events and shaping the future.

Three main presentation areas – Inspiration Stage, Discussion Stage and Partners Stage – were constantly busy and explored a wide range of topics including sustainability; new technologies and their use in entertainment; art and promotion, education and future directions and development of the industry.

Nearly 500 people pre-registered, the vast majority also present, and all discussions and presentations were also broadcast live on the dedicated Eventory platform for those who could not be present in person. The Stage of Inspiration show was available in multiple languages ​​with simultaneous translations provided for those attending these in-person presentations.

Rafal said, “Our goal with Scena Jutra is to unite people from all sectors of the industry and generate multi-level discussions and conversations, connecting a diversity of people ranging from experienced industry practitioners students and young people seeking careers in production and entertainment technology. . “

Guests included many prominent influencers from the Polish industry, as well as notable international stars, including Artur Rojek, Daan Oomen of Live Legends, Janus Józefowicz and Kamil Pohl and Ingo Dombrowski of Robe, who hosted two presentations.

One of Ingo’s seminars focused on the benefits of Robe’s TE (Transferable Motor) LED technology, particularly in the context of sustainability and value for sites, facilities and rental companies, while while the other was devoted to detailing Robe’s commitment and passion for technical innovation.

Ingo commented: “Stage of Tomorrow is easily one of the best organized forums and meeting places for the industry in Europe, with a wide variety of topics embracing current and future challenges, issues and debates and it there was an impressive list of speakers, presenters and panel discussions.

Ingo noted that the one-day delay is ideal for grabbing people’s attention at the moment, as travel is still difficult due to pandemic restrictions.

In addition to the presentation stages, a compact exhibition area introduced guests to some of the latest innovations in the industry, from drones to motorized floodlights.

The questions asked and answered were relevant to a range of industry professionals, including artists, technicians, directors, producers, as well as individuals and businesses who make themselves known through culture and culture. association with new technologies.

The Inspiration Stage was located in the Młynarski Main Stage of the Polish National Opera building Teatr Wielki, and featured lectures given by those who create and inspire. The day started with corporate psychologist Wojciech Herra, illustrating how to combine knowledge and entertainment (ludo) to encourage the emotions and reactions that make the content presented even more memorable.

Among the international speakers on this stage was Daan Oomen, Creative Director of Live Legends, who came from Los Angeles especially for Scena Jutra.

Having been involved in producing projects for mega-festivals like Tomorrowland, spectacular opening ceremonies for PUBG esports events, amazing superclubs in Asia and corporate events like KLM Airline 100th Anniversary , Daan explained the fundamental role of storytelling in any entertainment experience.

He also stressed the importance of integrating culture, history and local references into this narrative cognition.

The discussion stage allowed individuals to present their opinions and listen to the comments of others. It was the only place where artist Artur Rojek, lighting designer Paweł Pająk and Michał Fałat, owner of the East Eventz agency, talked about the same things, but from their own perspective and had the opportunity to express their opinions.

Here, too, representatives of some of the big patrons of culture and entertainment, like BMW or Żywiec, presented their unique perspectives and demonstrated how effective promotion and long-term relationship building can involve investments in directions. more subtle.

There was something for everyone who is plugged in and interested in the industry now and in the future.

The event created a serious buzz with a lot of interest and networking and gave people a much needed morale boost with the ability to come together face to face.

Robe CEO Josef Valchar also had a few words of encouragement: “Full credit to Rafal and his team for bringing Polish industry together. It is more important than ever for our community to support each other, to be strong together and to look to the future, and this event creates a special energy and synergy in which the whole community can communicate and engage.

photos: Louise Stickland

Robe supports the Stage of Tomorrow conference in PolandRobe supports the Stage of Tomorrow conference in Poland

December 13, 2021

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