Romania advises its citizens to avoid traveling to Russia



Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania (MFA) has constantly repeated recommendations to Romanian citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Russia.

In a statement issued on September 28, the ministry said it had also advised Romanian citizens temporarily residing in Russia to leave this territory as soon as possible, reports

“At the same time, the MFA recommends that Romanian citizens present in the territory of the Russian Federation exercise increased caution, avoid places where public gatherings or large agglomerations of people are held, and not to engage in possible protest actions or other demonstrations that can generate violence in the street”, read the statement.

Romania has also helped Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war by welcoming them into the country. According to data provided by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Romania has hosted more than 1,246,945 Ukrainian refugees.

The Polish Foreign Ministry recently issued the same notice, stressing that Polish citizens should not travel to Russia due to the country’s continued occupation of Ukraine and Russian authorities who recognize Poland as a state. hostile. The advice also applies to business trips and urgent family matters.

At the same time, the opinion also notes the sharp reduction in the staff of Polish diplomatic and consular posts in Russia, limiting their ability to provide consular assistance to Polish citizens in the event of a problem.

Otherwise, since the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24, Poland is considered the neighboring country that has received the most refugees from the war zone. UNHCR data also reveals that Poland has hosted around 6,431,533 Ukrainian refugees so far.

On September 27, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry joined the list of countries advising its citizens to avoid travel to the Russian Federation while those living there should consider leaving the country as soon as possible to use means of transport. available.

Estonia recently asked its citizens to refrain from traveling to Russia, also, except in absolutely necessary cases.

In this regard, the Estonian Foreign Ministry has stated that its citizens should avoid traveling to border areas with Ukraine.

In addition, on August 18, Estonia decided that Russian citizens holding a Schengen visa issued by Estonia would not be allowed to enter the country. The ministry noted that all Russians who apply for a Schengen visa in Estonia for travel purposes will have their applications rejected.

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