Roméos romance scam targeting your wallet


Carla was scrolling through Instagram one day during the lockdown when a handsome man named Luke appeared as a suggested person to follow.

out of curiosity, she clicked on his profile and he quickly gave her permission. Luke texted her almost immediately and their friendship began and quickly blossomed.

“The first thing I noticed was how attractive he was. His photos were all very normal and realistic, I had no suspicion. Him at home, with his cat, showing off his tattoos. He told me he was born in Poland but adopted when he was a baby in UK and lived in Glasgow. He told me he was an engineer, ”says Carla (not her real name), a Polish woman in her thirties who lives in Dublin. “We immediately had in common that we were both Polish. He was very charming, he said he wanted to find a girlfriend, preferably Polish, and eventually move to Poland and start a family.

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