Room crisis as University of Dundee accommodates overseas students and their families in hotels



The University of Dundee plans to accommodate overseas students and their families in hotels for “extended” periods, it has been learned.

The move follows a housing shortage in the city as the community recovers from the pandemic.

Bosses blame covid and a ‘change in behaviour’ by local landlords for the lack of spaces.

And this week, they sent all current students a written plea for help.

The begging email requested that spare beds or rooms be made available for the incoming cohort.

He said: ‘Where we urgently need help is finding accommodation for anyone who might be traveling to Dundee, some of whom are traveling with partners or families.

“Partly as a result of the pandemic and a change in landlord behavior, there is currently a shortage of readily available housing in the city.”

And he added: “If all the offer holders who have indicated they are coming to Dundee arrive, then we are facing a shortage.

“To mitigate this, we have already booked additional private accommodation in the city and have negotiated reduced rates with several local hotels.

“We are exploring the possibility of offering subsidies for extended hotel accommodation should this prove necessary.”

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A university spokesman said this morning: ‘We have been hugely successful in attracting students to Dundee but, with the local rental market facing greater pressure than ever and many landlords moving away from student rentals, it is possible that the demand for housing will exceed the supply.

“We have been working with the Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) and other partners to address this situation since the summer of 2021 when it became clear that shortages were a possibility.

“We have several measures in place to mitigate this, including booking additional private accommodation in the city and negotiating discounted rates with several local hotels to provide short-term accommodation.

“Many students organize their own accommodation and do not communicate directly with their university about it. This means that it is difficult to assess exactly how many students may need help at this stage, but we have been in contact with them to offer whatever assistance we can provide.

“DUSA provides detailed housing rights advice and guidance that has been promoted to students. Any student offering a room to rent is asked to confirm that the landlord will accept a new tenant and provide a rental agreement.

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