Safety tips for women: TikTok user reveals how to stay safe when she checks in to hotel on her own


In the video – which has racked up over 26 million views at the time of writing – Amy films herself entering a hotel room and immediately locking the door behind her. To add an extra layer of security, she then places a portable door lock at the base of the door. Unlike exterior locks, portable locks can only be used inside a room and come in a variety of forms to protect against unwanted intrusion.

As an added precaution, Amy then places a mug on the doorknob. This measure ensures that the occupant is alerted to any attempt to enter the room, even when sleeping or in the shower – if someone tries to open the door or shake the handle, the mug will fall out. Noise can also deter a potential intruder.

The video then shows Amy pulling the curtains and turning off the lights before using an infrared detector to scan the room, her appliances and furniture, including the air vents, shower head and shower heads. taken. The device can be used to detect any cameras that may have been stealthily hidden in space. Some hidden cameras emit IR light (infrared radiation), which is not visible to the naked eye. Most Internet Protocol (IP) cameras – digital video cameras – also use infrared for night vision.

Amy is then seen checking the bathroom mirror to make sure it isn’t two-way glass. A two-way mirror is made of reflective glass on one side and transparent on the other, giving the appearance of an ordinary mirror to those who see the reflection. However, anyone on the clear side can use the mirror as a window – able to see everything through the other side of the glass.

A simple trick to check if a mirror can be bidirectional is to place your fingertip on the glass. As Amy demonstrated, a standard mirror will show a small gap between the finger and its reflection – indicating that the glass is harmless. However, if a mirror is bidirectional, the finger will appear as if it is directly touching the reflection, with no space between them.

Other clips in the video show Amy placing a paper blanket over the toilet seat, sanitizing the inside of the room’s kettle and sanitizing her coat and shoes.

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