Sheriff John Fuson re-elected, Oliver says he’ll be back in 4 years


CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – Incumbent Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson won re-election again Thursday night, beating his challenger Mike Oliver.

“I’ll tell you. We couldn’t do what we do without our families,” Fuson said in an acceptance speech to Old Glory Distilling.

Fuson had 9,225 votes to Oliver’s 6,779.

“If any of you have ever thought about politics, you think about who’s involved and the people who are there will be with you all the way and they’ll help you a lot,” Fuson said. “It’s a sacrifice, and I decided to run for sheriff one day, and my family was there with me, and I’m proud to be where we are today.”

Montgomery County sheriff candidate Mike Oliver speaks at the 114th Annual Lone Oak Picnic in Cunningham, Tennessee on July 30, 2022. (Lee Erwin)

Oliver said he planned to run again.

“All I can say is I’ll be back in four years,” Oliver told Clarksville Now on Thursday night. “We had a great team and a good campaign, and I’ll be back in four years.”

AFTER: Final results for all Montgomery County election races and local state primary results

About the candidates

John Fuson has served as sheriff of Montgomery County since 2012 and spent his 23-year career with the agency. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Bethel University. In 2010, he was elected to the departmental commission. In December 2012, he was selected to fill a vacant position as sheriff. He won the next election in August 2014 and then went unopposed in the 2018 election.

Mike Olivier is a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant with over 32 years of experience. In 2012, Oliver was promoted to Sergeant of the K-9 Division. In 2019, he became the Supervisor Sergeant of the Special Victims Unit. He is currently a supervisor in the Office of Enforcement.

Christian Brown and Chris Smith contributed to this report.


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