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Some Kamloopsians have made their way to air-conditioned hotel rooms to fight the heat, as temperatures remain well above the 40C mark.

Kamloops Accommodation Association president Tyson Andrykew says he doesn’t have exact numbers yet, but notes he’s heard of cases where people have moved into hotels.

“I haven’t heard that it’s still as prevalent as it was in the Lower Mainland yet, but I suspect that as we head into warmer days to come, we’ll start to see more of it. locally, “he told NL Morning. New.

“I think there are definitely a few instances of this. With some recent outages as well, I suspect that number will increase as well. “

Kamloops RCMP said they have responded to six sudden deaths since last Friday when the heat wave began, double what it was at the same time last year.

“We are just encouraging people to watch your neighbors, to watch your family members who are there if you haven’t heard from them,” he said. “Maybe make a phone call or knock on their door, especially those who don’t have air conditioning in their homes just so everyone is safe and we can all get over it.”

“I hope that by next week things will calm down and we will all be back to normal.”

Ingrid Jarrett, CEO of the BC Hotel Association, noted that residents of parts of the Lower Mainland, Victoria and the Okanagan flocked to air-conditioned hotel rooms to keep working and getting some sleep.

However, understaffing remains the biggest challenge for hotels, motels and resorts as they slowly recover from COVID-19 restrictions.

“So many hotels have to limit their occupancy and the reservations they can take because they just don’t have enough people working to clean the rooms,” Jarrett told the Victoria Times Colonist.

Many restaurants are also in the same boat with staff shortages, according to BC Restaurant Association president Ian Tostenson now that indoor dining restrictions have been relaxed.

Kamloops set new heat records on three consecutive days this week – 44 ° C Sunday, 45.8 ° C Monday, then 47.3 ° C Tuesday.

“I’m going to talk to some hosts because we have digital meetings coming up here anyway. I will probably have more information on this next time we discuss, ”Andrykew added.

Several cooling centers have been opened, including the Sandman Center, the Sk’elep School of Excellence gymnasium and several homeless shelters in the city.

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