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08/01/2022 at 11:11 PM CET


the Spanish selection handball wins its international tournament after beating by the minimum at Poland, It was worth the tie for goal difference to lift the title, but wanted to conclude with a victory before getting to the Euro.




(15 + 11): Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas; Iñaki Peciña (1), Jorge Maqueda (7), Ángel Fernández (5), Antonio García (1), Aleix Gómez (1), Gdeón Guardiola (3), starting seven, Rodrigo Corrales (l), Gurbindo, Ferran Solé (1), Adrián Figueras (2), Joan Cañellas, Agustín Casado (1), Aitor Ariño, Tarrafeta (3), Sánchez-Migallón and Odriozola (1).


(12 + 13): Kornecki; Jadraszcyk, Pietrasik, Moryto (7), Krajewski (3), Przybylski, Gabala (1), starting seven, Morawski (p), Daszek (7), Olejniczak (3), Walczak, Adamski, Beckman (1), Syprzak (3) and Chrapkowski.

Partial every five minutes

1-2, 7-3, 8-3, 10-5, 12-8, 15-12, rest, 17-13, 19-15, 21-18, 23-19, 25-22 and 26-25.


Iniesta Castillo and García Rodríguez. They exclude, for Spain, Ángel Fernández and Maqueda (2). Crossing of Poland to Walczak and Pietrasik.


The Sargal. About 1000 spectators.

He answered, and in what way the fans of Cuenca, who wanted to give all their encouragement to the Hispanics in a clash that started with a partial 0-2 for the Poles, although gradually the team of River bank, taking the advantage for the first time in the 8th minute with a good Maqueda who made the 4-3.

Getting ahead has made Spain grow, especially in defense, where Pendant Yes Gideon they imposed their law in the center next to it Antoine Garcia Yes Maqueda in both, run and make a partial 7-0 against with a remarkable angel Fernandez in definition.

With the 10-3 it looked like it was going to be easy for those from River bank, not at all further from the truth, since the Poles have stepped up their defense with great Pietrasik, a player precisely sent off five minutes from time in an action in which the referees examined the Video Proof System (VPS) for the first time in this tournament and in Spain.

In attack, Daszek Yes Moryto They threw their team behind their backs to reach the break with 15-12.

Syprzak came to reduce that distance to both goals out of the locker room, but Spain again adjusted their 6-0 and Tarrafeta He started sending the team to the central zone in the best way until he reached 19-13 thanks to acclaimed Antonio García in the 38th minute.

Again, it looked like this advantage could be insurmountable, but Poland did not give up and put their best defense and efficiency on the line with Morawski, so much so that he had several opportunities to put the tie, something he did not get, even having 26-26 after an action in which the own Morawski he was stopped by a bullet six meters away Ariño.

On the contrary, they could set the tables with Daszek the Poles, but a giant appeared Rodrigue Corrales to avoid the goal and win Spain to Cuenca.

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