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The inter-ministerial committee for strategic investments on Thursday approved two new strategic investments, one of which is called a “flagship investment of exceptional importance”, a designation granted for the first time after the adoption of the corresponding law.

The first Flagship Investment of Exceptional Importance concerns the construction of a solar power plant and energy storage and green hydrogen conversion units for the investment organization Bluesky300 IKE, for a budget of 226.4 million euros. euros.

It concerns the construction, installation and operation of a solar power plant with a capacity of 200 megawatts, an energy storage unit with a capacity of 100 MW with lithium batteries, as well as the installation of a unit with a capacity of 50 MW for the conversion into green hydrogen by electrolysis.

A 200 MW photovoltaic park will be developed in the same area, consisting of a set of individual parks as well as energy storage facilities in a 100 MW lithium-ion battery network and the production of green hydrogen d a capacity of 16 tonnes per day.

This investment will create 442 jobs during construction and 24 during operation.

The second investment concerns the construction and development of a hotel unit in Mykonos by the investment entity Kortia SA, with a budget of 61 million euros.

It is a tourist complex with five-star hotel accommodation, a capacity of 178 beds and four tourist residences, plus a spa, restaurants, bars, etc., as well as recreational and sports facilities in the area of Ilya.

The investment will create 550 jobs.

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