Streaming Drives Subtitling, Dubbing Boom, While 35mm Shooting Rockets



Hiventy, one of the leading post-production companies in France, is experiencing growing demand in its range of services, including film processing, dubbing and subtitling, post-production, film restoration and BluRay mastering. It is present in France, Poland, Singapore, Vietnam, Kenya and Nigeria.

Hiventy has one of the few film lab services in Europe. CEO Thierry Schindele says there has been growing demand for the company’s film processing services. Among the recent 35 mm shoots handled by the group, let us mention “Spencer” by Pablo Larrain, “Asteroid City” by Wes Anderson and “Le Lycéen” by Christophe Honoré, produced by Les Films Pelléas. Recent French films managed by Hiventy include “One Beautiful Morning” by Mia Hansen Love, “Don Juan” by Serge Bozon, “The Five Devils” by Léa Mysius and “The Flight” by Pietro Marcello.

Schindele expects the demand for film processing services to continue to grow. Hiventy provides film processing services for shoots across Europe. For example, “Asteroid City” was shot in Spain, and “Spencer” was shot in England and Germany.

Film processing is only a small part of Hiventy’s overall business. 50% of the group’s revenues come from subtitling and dubbing services for cinema and television, with growing demand from streaming platforms.

Schindele considers Hiventy to be among the top five providers of subtitling and dubbing services in Europe and expects continued growth in this market. The main customers are TF1, Arte, M6 and Netflix.

Providing global subtitling and dubbing services has been a key driver of its growth, for example it acquired Polish dubbing studio Mediadub in the late 2000s to support Canal Pus’ expansion into Poland and founded CMC in Vietnam in 2009, to support the expansion of TV5 Monde. to Far East Asia.

It was when it started providing services to Netflix, from around 2014, that the group had to restructure its entire operations. “Netflix produces programs for worldwide distribution,” says Schindele. “This requires a massive increase in our subtitling and dubbing services and the provision of the overall technical package. Before, films and series were only dubbed when they were sold to a country.

The group provides post-production services for film and television. Recent works include the French animated feature “The Summit of the Gods”, based on the Japanese manga series, and the Irish animated feature “Wolfwalkers”.

TV series post-production includes several projects for Netflix: “Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan”, “Trial 4”, “What’s Up” and “Notre-Dame, the Fire Part”.

Film restoration is another key area for Hiventy, for theatrical release, television distribution and BluRay. Among the recent titles restored by the group are the entire Marcel Pagnol catalog (such as “Marius”, “Fanny”, “César”, “La femme du boulanger”), titles from the Pathé catalog (including “Tango and Tandem by Patrice Leconte), works for Studiocanal (including “Monsieur Klein” by Joseph Losey) and films by Jacques Rivette and Krzysztof Kieślowski.

The group also sees a growing demand for BluRay titles and in 2021 worked on 176 titles, of which 112 were mastered in standard BluRay and 12 in Ultra-HD Blu-Ray.

Schindele is optimistic about the future: “We are benefiting from a gradual increase in demand for our services. There was strong downward pressure on prices between 2012 and 2019 and the pandemic also caused significant disruption. But now we are seeing an increase in profitability and expect solid growth. »

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