Suspect: Did a Marriott hotel try to take us away?


I’m trying to give the hotel the benefit of the doubt here, but …

Marriott hotel claims they can’t see our reservation

Ford and I recently visited family in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was last minute and the hotels were full, so we decided to redeem a free night at Courtyard St. Petersburg Downtown – it was one of the only hotels available, and Ford had a free night certificate for credit card expiring soon so seemed like the best option.

We made the reservation a few hours before scheduled check-in, so we tried to message the hotel through the Marriott Bonvoy app. This feature is only available if you have an active reservation at a hotel that is scheduled to check in in the next few days.

Here’s how that discussion went, in part:

“Unfortunately, we do not have a reservation for you at this hotel with your name… if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our reception or me.”

“Thanks for the reply. I just booked recently with confirmation number XXXXXX. Could you please take another look?”

“Yes, I have posted the conf number and nothing is showing in our reservations at the moment corresponding to the # or the last name of your Marriott Bonvoy number…. You should probably contact Marriott directly.

I guess the “don’t feel free to contact our front desk or me” was a typo, as he then provided his name and hotel phone number.

I have to be honest, it was a first for me. I understand issues are happening, but something was strange here. Not only was the reservation showing on Ford’s Marriott Bonvoy account, I was able to retrieve it from with the confirmation number, name and date of check-in, without being logged into his account.

In the message the front desk clerk said we need to call the hotel with any other questions so we decided to do so. We spoke to the same guy we were chatting with online, and he informed us that the hotel was full, and that even if we had made a reservation, it would have been automatically canceled because they were full (regardless of the fact that the hotel was still selling rooms online, even after booking). He recommended calling Marriott, which is what we did.

Our phone call with Marriott

To my surprise, our phone call with Marriott was great. We explained to the associate that we had a confirmed reservation, but the hotel claimed that they could not see the reservation:

“Well, it’s strange, you certainly have a confirmed reservation, so let me contact the hotel for you.” “

We waited a few minutes, then the agent came back:

“I just spoke to the front desk and reminded the hotel that if they can’t accommodate your reservation, they have to pay to accommodate you elsewhere. Suddenly a room has become available so you should be good to go.

Someone give this woman a raise!

What exactly happened here?

I don’t know what to do with it exactly. The hotel clerk we spoke with didn’t sound malicious or scheming, but at the same time I’m not sure there is another good explanation. Some thoughts:

  • It’s a bit ridiculous for the hotel to claim that they couldn’t “see” the reservation, when literally anyone could post it on with the name and confirmation number.
  • It seems very likely to me that the hotel was full and just did not want to honor the reservation, so the front desk claimed the reservation did not exist; at least that’s the only reasonable explanation I can find
  • The lack of customer service here is so ridiculous, as we booked a hotel, got an email confirmation, and the hotel’s solution was to call Marriott, who obviously could see the reservation; this shouldn’t be our problem to solve
  • I guess we could have played along and tried to kid ourselves, try to get compensation, etc., but we weren’t interested; we would have gone down into an endless customer service rabbit hole as the hotel didn’t even recognize they had a reservation

At the end of the line

We booked a Courtyard by Marriott at the last minute and the hotel said it could not “see” our reservation, even though it looked great on the Marriott website. We were told to contact Marriott – of course Marriott could see the reservation, so we contacted the hotel.

The hotel seemed to be trying to pretend it was oversold, but the room we booked suddenly became available when the Marriott employee informed the hotel that he would be forced to book us somewhere else if he couldn’t. welcome us.

What do you think of this situation? Was the hotel trying to walk us around without responsibility, or other theories?

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