Teradata: appoints Andrey Alekseenko as Vice President Teradata Nordics, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic


Teradata (NYSE: PMH), the connected multi-cloud data platform for the enterprise analytics company, today announced that Andrey Alekseenko has been appointed Vice President of Teradata Nordics, Russia, Poland and Czech Republic. In this role, Andrey will be responsible for Teradata’s go-to-market strategy and its execution in the respective countries.

“Having joined the company over 13 years ago, I saw how Teradata has evolved into a cloud leader, transforming the way businesses work and live through the power of data,” said Alekseenko. “I remain committed to the Teradata vision and strive to further develop and strengthen customer confidence in Teradata’s cloud technology and services and deepen cooperation with partners in the region. ”

Andrey joined Teradata in 2008 where he held positions in finance and sales, and for the past eight years has served as Country Director and Regional Vice President of Teradata’s Russia business. Under Andrey’s leadership, Teradata in Russia has grown significantly. He has also successfully built a reseller ecosystem for the region, as well as a very strong marketing team that has delivered award-winning double-digit growth performance.

“Andrey has demonstrated impressive leadership skills and a unique ability to succeed through a compelling and impactful go-to-market strategy,” said Magnus Palmaer, executive vice president EMEA at Teradata. “Having been responsible for winning over many new flagship clients in Russia, I am confident that he will now bring this tenacity and ambitious approach to our northern European region made up of Nordic countries, Russia, Poland and the Republic. Czech.”

Teradata Vantage becomes available on Google Cloud in Warsaw

Andrey’s appointment is announced as the company marks further progress in the region, with Teradata’s flagship product, Teradata Vantage, now available on the new Google Cloud in Warsaw. This offering as a service provides access to Vantage – the connected multi-cloud data platform for business analytics – using the increasingly popular Google Cloud resources in Poland.

This follows general availability Teradata Vantage on Google Cloud last year and adds Poland to the countries where the data platform can be delivered (in addition to Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and US United). This expansion of cloud data analytics options gives Teradata customers in Poland deployment flexibility, including in multi-cloud and hybrid environments, as well as access to proprietary Google Cloud services for data storage, standby economical or visualization.

“Teradata is committed to being at the forefront of the cloud analytics revolution in Poland,” said Andrey. “For us, that means delivering the unparalleled power, performance and security of Teradata Vantage, with Google Cloud resources nationwide that deliver the highest levels of advanced analytics. This makes it easier for Teradata customers in Poland to focus – not on IT – but on using their data to drive impactful business results. ‘

With Vantage, enterprise-wide businesses can break down silos and cost-effectively query all their data, anytime, regardless of where they reside – in the cloud using storefronts. ‘low-cost objects, across multiple clouds, on-premises, or any combination thereof – to get a complete view of their business.

Teradata Vantage on Google Cloud in Warsaw is available today.


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