The cheapest places in Europe to travel (Budget guide)


The good new approach, Europe offers the cheapest places to travel in 2021.

It doesn’t matter if you are a billionaire or a middle class person; everyone has a budget to travel to Europe.

This is just how it is possible that the budget varies or is a little more for the billionaire compared to you.

However, if you are looking for the cheapest European countries to visit, you will need to determine which is the best plan for getting to Europe.

There are more than 20 places which are the cheapest places in Europe to travel. Here are the most visited and cheapest areas as follows:

  • Bulgaria.
  • Romania.
  • Poland.
  • Ukraine.
  • Portugal.
  • Hungary.
  • Italy.

To note: These locations may differ depending on the security situation or other seasonal issues. So it is suggested that you have solid research before planning your dream destination.


Bulgaria is mainly known as one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe.

However, Bulgaria remains largely invisible to travelers, with the exception of guests who come in the summer for a modest getaway to the Black Sea.

In addition, installations, flights and diversion will in any case cost you only a small part of what you would pay in Western Europe.

This year the costs are dropping dramatically and you can go out, eat and travel across the country for half of what it costs in the West.

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest places in Europe to visit

Probably the most fantastic aspect of visiting Bulgaria is the open country.

Where palaces, towns and climbing trails, Central Balkan National Park, the best for incredible climbs and breathtaking vistas, are either free or exceptionally modest to visit.

Travel to Bulgaria is exceptionally modest outside of the late spring months, and many incorporate free breakfast and accessible transportation.


Romania is probably the cheapest place in Europe, especially if you go to the Carpathians for rock climbing or if your main focus is exploring the countryside.

Indeed, even a visit to Brasov, home to Dracula’s 14th-century Bran Castle, can be quite reasonable if you book a day visitor who wouldn’t mind the associations of slow trains departing from Bucharest.

Trains are generally not in the best condition in Romania. However, they are protected and extremely.

In warmer climates, biking can be an amazing way to explore smaller urban areas, or you can go with one of the many free walking tours that depart from the local town.


If you are planning to visit Poland in the summer, you wouldn’t do so instead because it is not that modest to travel in the summer.

However, its climate is warming, costs are still low, and palaces and royal residences that were closed in the coldest year are reopening, often at limited prices.

The most popular places in Poland, including the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps, the Wieliczka salt mine and the Schindler processing plant, are significantly cheaper this year.

In larger urban communities, exhibition halls regularly offer one free day, seven days. For example, the Royal Warsaw Castle is allowed entry on Wednesdays, while the Chopin Museum is free on Sundays.

Although trains are not extremely cheaper in Poland in all cases, you can get anywhere using transport for almost no money.

For example, for long-distance transport, Flixbus is nice, offers free Wi-Fi and even takes you to the smallest towns in Poland.


Ukraine has long been off the radar as a vacation destination, and guests are just discovering what this place has to offer.

The most global travel industry is centered in Kiev, and road trips aren’t that far from the city, so picking the perfect sightseeing opportunity will keep these tours much cheaper.

For example, tours to Chernobyl and the neglected town of Pripyat are cheaper in winter, as temperatures are unforgiving nearby and most guests would rather not deal with the ice and snow.

However, late winter and fall are also cheaper opportunities to head to the Black Sea coastline. Most travelers visit in the summer to take advantage of the seaside and the warm climate.

The higher cost when visiting Ukraine will find a place to stay as there is not much holiday season in the world, hotel costs do not change much consistently especially in urban areas the most important.


The most amazing places in Portugal are about nature, sun and the outdoors, which means they are generally accessible.

The district of Faro in the south of the country is a place famous for its delicate and shiny sands, precipices and beacons.

As guests in Madeira head for rugged volcanic climbing trails, excellent harbor, and excellent scuba diving.

The highest costs for traveling to Portugal will be food and facilities. However, visiting outside of the entire season (June to August) will significantly decrease expenses.

From November to February, costs drop much more and temperatures stay around 17-18 degrees Celsius, so this is the perfect opportunity to visit to take advantage of amazing offers.


Hungary is one of the most expensive countries in Eastern Europe. However, at the same time, a small portion of the costs to go to important places in the western regions of the landmass.

The capital of Hungary, Budapest, is home to a few free attractions; Don’t forget to take a stroll over the Chain Bridge over the Danube and visit the Castle Hill area.

A place of attractions in the castle area, which includes Buda Castle and the underground maze of the castle, are not allowed to visit.

They are always really reasonable. In June, the city organizes a “Museum Night”, where you can visit many tourist sites around Budapest for free.

Budapest’s most established covered market is a great place to look for knickknacks and modest bites, including many varieties of customary Hungarian dishes.

Street food is another amazing way to save money while visiting Hungary. However, outside of the capital, things get a lot cheaper.

Guests of the resort town of Tihany and those who travel to the Bükk Mountains for an outdoor experience will find the costs there to be even lower all year round.


Italy is one of the cheapest places in Western Europe to visit. The framework of public transport in Italy is so unique. There really is no excuse for taking a cab at some point.

If you try to cover everything from Milan to Pompeii in one visit, you’ll end up spending heaps of money on high-speed trains.

So you can use nearby trains and transport to get around.

If you absolutely must see the sights of Rome and Venice on an excursion, the slower trains nearby will take a little longer but cost you a quarter of the cost you spend on high-speed trains.

The Colosseum or the Vatican all have huge passage fees, so pick only a few of the top picks and use what’s left of your excursion to visit modest or free attractions.

For example, take a stroll through the gardens of Villa Borghese or toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain.

All you can manage to save money in Italy is to refrain from visiting in the summer when everything costs more.

The queues for the attractions last for hours and the lousy climate makes each one a little more messy.

Indeed, even winter is a happy occasion to visit, as most of Italy never gets really cold, the average temperature in Rome in January is 7 degrees Celsius.

On clear, sunny days, it can reach up to 12 degrees Celsius without much effort.

From November to February, you will benefit from extraordinary services on often modest installations and flights.

It is not good to visit Italy and not try their main course, a plate of pasta in a trattoria. However, the industries neighboring countries are an equally extraordinary decision.

In conclusion, you can find more places to visit in Europe with the lowest prices as mentioned above.

It only took a little research to find out and plan the destination of your dreams.

Sometimes people get stuck because of the budget.

But most European countries have maximum supply so that you can travel cheaply.

So don’t wait any longer and start planning today. Do some research and do it best plan with your family or friends or one solo trip trip to Europe.


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