The Disney Parks hotel is getting frozen again, other princess themes, and now I wanna go


Frozen has been a staple of the Disney canon for almost a decade. But now, this will become a more permanent feature at Disneyland Paris. Along with other Disney Princess movies, the beloved fairy tale will be a new feature at a popular Disney Parks hotel. And now I really want to go!

The Disneyland Hotel – a “flagship icon” of Paris Disneyland Park – has just started major renovations, according to the Disney Parks Blog. Along with upgrades and improvements to their accommodations, such as the implementation of an online check-in system, the hotel will also get a royal makeover.

Updated rooms and suites will be decorated to invoke images from popular Disney Princess movies, including The beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Tangled and of course, Frozen. It remains to be seen whether that means Anna and Elsa will be incorporated into the decor or take a more subtle approach to the aesthetic. Details are scarce on what exactly these rooms will look like when unveiled to guests, although the Disney Parks blog said the goal of incorporating popular franchises into the 5-star hotel is an “immersive experience. renewed “.

As a Disney fan, I can say that this is really exciting news! When it comes to the company’s other parks, it’s always nice to see the presence of some of the most iconic characters in history. So that seems like a good next step to make things better a bit, I mean to be honest personally I wouldn’t mind chilling out and chilling out with the Olaf likeness in my bedroom.

In addition to these renovations, the Disneyland Hotel will also expand many aspects, including its dining and fitness options, and will reinvent its Princess for a day experience. It seems the overall goal is to make guests feel like royalty during their stay. It’s definitely an improvement over another recent change at Disneyland Paris – the answer after they stopped making Mickey Waffles was less than free.

Disney Parks are known for their magnificent accommodations. The company offers a variety of places to stay for guests, including a luxurious Disneyland resort which has a Spa Tenaya Stone designed by Imagineers. Borrowing from fan-favorite Disney characters and franchises is nothing new to Disney Park hotels, either. There are a Star wars theme hotel at Disney World, and the Contemporary Resort of this park has just had a Incredibles-style makeover.

Over the past two years, the company has seen a lot of ups and downs as it faced the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic. After historic closings, it has slowly started to reopen. But some of the attractions and the stations fans were used to did not return – and other essentials of the experience, like the online reservation system and FastPass – have seen major changes.

From that perspective, creating new experiences that embrace what many love about Disney and giving fans a chance to connect more deeply to the stories they love can’t hurt. For Frozen fans who cannot come to Paris, there is also good news – Disney World has a ton of attractions to get closer to Olaf, Anna and Elsa. It’s not yet clear when the Disneyland Hotel will reopen with its new royal theme.

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