The Hotel Room is a forgotten David Lynch HBO anthology


After Twin Peaks ended, David Lynch returned to television with the HBO anthology Hotel Room, which unfortunately turned out to be a short-lived project.

Hotel room is a forgotten HBO anthology series from co-creator David Lynch. After his unforgettable debut with Eraser head, Lynch has made a name for herself with a series of unique and disturbing projects like Elephant man and Blue velvet. In the early 90s, he co-created Twin peaks starring Mark Frost, which went on to become one of the most groundbreaking TV shows of all time. He followed an FBI agent who traveled to the titular town to investigate the murder of a teenage girl, to slowly uncover all of Twin Peaks’ dark secrets.

Despite the praise that greeted the first season, Lynch and Frost were forced by the network to reveal Laura’s killer at the start of Twin peaks season 2. The second series saw a noticeable drop in quality after this storyline was resolved and the series canceled prior to season 3. This experience left Lynch somewhat embittered about working on television, albeit 1993, it briefly returned to the anthology format. Hotel room.

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This three-part mini-series centers on Room 603 of the Railroad Hotel in New York City. Each episode also takes place in a different time period; episode 1 “Tricks” takes place in 1969, the second episode “Getting Rid Of Robert” takes place in 1992 while “Blackout” takes place in 1936. Despite decades of difference, the hotel staff itself. even never seems to get old. Lynch created Hotel room with Monty Montgomery – who later played The Cowboy in Lynch’s own Dr Mulholland. – and the director directed “Tricks” and “Blackout” while James Signorelli directed the middle chapter.

Each episode of Hotel room is basically a little game, each with its own tone. “Blackout,” for example, features Crispin Glover and Alicia Witt as a married couple reconnecting following a tragic loss, and is set against the backdrop of a power outage in New York City. Lynch managed to attract a large ensemble for his episodes, with “Trick” starring Glenne Headly and the irreplaceable Harry Dean Stanton. These episodes might not be the director’s best work, but they are the strongest releases from Hotel room, while the failed comedic tone of “Getting Rid Of Robert” is often cited as the weakest of the trio.

David Lynch’s vision for Hotel room didn’t connect with viewers in 1993, so only three episodes were produced. The series largely fell into obscurity over the ensuing years, and while the series is easy to find online, it rarely comes up in conversations about Lynch’s filmography. While Twin peaks is the superior show in many ways, Hotel room always worth a search for finalists. It carries a lot of recurring David Lynch themes and obsessions, and the cast does a great job.

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