The Mayor and City Clerk of Newark visit the twin town of Sandomierz, Poland, and celebrate Poland’s National Independence Day, akin to British Remembrance Day


The Mayor of Newark returned from the Polish twin city of Sandomierz where he took part in Poland’s Independence Day celebrations, akin to Remembrance Day, and the announcer accompanied him.

Newark was twinned with Sandomierz following the official charter signing in Newark in 2006, and in Poland the following year.

Roman Rynski, associated with the Sandomierz pairing, has been involved in the movement for more than 20 years and first visited Newark in July 2002.

Left to right: Newark City Clerk Matthew Gleadell; Laurence Goff, mayor of the city; Mayor of the city of Sandomierz Martin Marzec, associated with the Sandomierz twinning Roman Rynski (60682246)

He said: “These are the first steps in encouraging the people of Newark to see Sandomierz. After some discussion between the mayors and councilors, they agreed they were keen to sign. »

Newark joined the twinning movement in 1984 with the German town of Emmendingen.

The three towns – Newark, Sandomierz and Emmendingen – are now twinned.

Newark City Clerk Matthew Gleadell said: “For many years the cities have seen delegations from the respective twinning committees travel to each other’s cities.

“There have been cultural exchanges, visits by bands and musical artists between the two cities, there have been athletes who have attended and participated in sporting events in the cities of the other and schools in the cities respective have been involved in collaborating on educational activities.

“Twinning relationships open up opportunities for residents of the respective cities to learn about other cultures and form genuine friendships that are valued by those who call them home.

“In a world where division and conflict are all too regular, the message of unity and friendship that twinning represents cannot be underestimated.”

During one visit, City of Newark Mayor Laurence Goff and Mr. Gleadell dined with City of Sandomierz Mayor Martin Marzec and Polish twinning partner Roman Rynski.

Mr. Goff said it was a special honor and privilege to represent Newark on the visit.

It was the first time that the current town’s mayor and clerk had visited a twin town.

After joining the Independence Day celebrations, they toured the city’s cultural and heritage offerings, including the Market Square, the Underground Tourist Route, and the Diocesan Długosz House Museum.

Mr Gleadell said: “Over time, as towns remain, the people and faces involved change either through a sad death or through changes in life circumstances.

“In order to keep the benefits of the match, new people have to get involved, new people have to keep the relationship going.

“In the case of Marcin and I, we are younger and both fairly new to matchmaking. It is he and I who can help to continue to ensure the future of the twinning of the two cities.

“Roman has a longer exposure to the matchmaking and his knowledge of the history of the matchmaking relationship is very helpful to hear and understand.”

Mayor of the City of Sandomierz, Martin Marzec, said, “For us, meeting our twinning partners from Newark was something special and maybe something that will cement our relationship.

“The partnership with Newark is very important to us. Cooperation between our cities, aimed at cultural, economic and information exchange, is an excellent initiative that facilitates joint activities between local government units.

“This form of cooperation offers an opportunity for internationalization, increased economic and social capital, adaptation of good practices and institutional support.

Sandomierz representatives are expected to visit Newark next year. in June or July, city festivals involving both cultures and interests.


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