The Mire 97 Review: It jumped about a year and a half after Mire’s early 1980s conclusion


February 1945 – German labor camp. Polish prisoners. Nazi travelers. One of the prisoners of war was charged with “sabotage” because he forgot to install ignition costs in the mortar launcher and was forced to stand naked in a stressful position against the pole. Going forward until July 1997 – the city of Polish Gryfino (maybe) looks worse to use.

Residents threw furniture damaged by the floods into the streets.

Anna Jass (Magdalena Rozczka) got out of the hotel bed and walked by. They empty the bottle of alcohol needed for another day as plainclothes police. His colleague, Mika (Lukasz Simlat), bypassed and passed through the flood debris. Towards the Gronty forest (shaded forest) and crossing the marshes at Waders. The past skeleton abolishes a WWII funeral to a fresher corpse.

At the police station, Anna was submitting missing person reports. For the worried mother when bad news appeared on the radio. The son of a 12-year-old mother was the body in the forest.

Meanwhile, in Courier, Piotr Zarzycki (Ogrodnik) was named after a new editor. He had been gone for years but returned to town and newspapers, where he started his career (in the first season).

And hey, surprise, surprise, this post is owned by a new company and is under pressure to sell more papers to stay below. Piotr suggested finding “sensational” stories about goose readers; Then when he was at home with his wife and daughter. We have investigated that it was aimed at reviving the lower state couriers and climbing the stairs.

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We see Anna in her hotel with her breasts tied, suggesting her LGBTQ.

The boy’s death was abolished as an intentional shipwreck. But he investigated further after getting a tip from the Mail’s Stupid Horoscope. Of course, that means we get the topic of every drama in the CP drama. The agency with a close-up of Oogy’s corpse needed.

Piotr visited a wealthy man whose adult male is kidnapped and held for ransom. Offer to double the purchase of advertising for the paper in exchange for daily updates on the removal.

He also had bad news about his ex-lover. Who seems to have sent him a letter from outside the tomb; He visited his old friend and former journalist WanyCz (Sederyn). Which could have something to do with the note or at least know something about it. Hmm.

For now, it’s very dark.

The first EP of The Quagmire ’97 regulates with rigor and efficiency the physical, philosophical and political context of the places. The constant establishment of such details in the plot is murder-or-not. It puts the hook with the intro and catch-up character.

Establishing Piotr as a man with a plan his baggage might get in the way, and Anna as a mysterious and calm woman. The collected attitude must cover the pain, because why once again did she hit the bottle so hard? He appears to be at the top of the long-lasting local power structure.

We are talking about the way the “bastards” are responsible, still assure the journalists. And the police stay within established limits. Despite the emergence of democracy. It seems clear that the child’s death is more than intentional, and knowing what is going on will disappoint some Applecarts.

This is quite startling dramatic fodder. If the episodes of season six make Anna the most excellent protagonist – her whiracy seems. It can take us past some cliché genres and get very involved in this story.

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Rozczka’s new series shows a lot of potential in this first episode.

He’s likely to play the most convincing character of the season. These smart and intelligent outsiders can work outside the subjective boundaries of the local population.

Some of the BoilerPlate things from similar procedures are present. But The Quagmire ’97 is well written and visually detailed. And some decent LGBTQ performances don’t hurt.

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