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If you’re wondering how to spice up a fall vacation, this intriguing list of places includes everything from trendy country retreats to sleek cabins and grandiose train cars.

If you’re wondering how to spice up a fall vacation, this intriguing list of places includes everything from trendy country retreats to sleek cabins and grandiose train cars.


Composed of interlocking wooden cubes and oblongs, Szuflandia’s design was inspired by a chest of drawers drawn at random – to others, however, it is also reminiscent of a 3D game of Tetris.Szuflandia

Voted by Polska Architektura as the country’s best architectural project in 2016 (a year that saw the start of amazing investments such as Hala Koszyki and the Warsaw Spire), features include giant floor-to-ceiling windows and beds in overhang on which visitors huddle down to enjoy the view of the rolling Polish countryside.Szuflandia

The owners advise visitors to go here “to do nothing”, but the truth is that there are plenty of sights – nearby you will find a skydiving museum, adventurous mountain biking trails and a statue. weight of 180 kilos from Adam Małysz, the local skier. jumping hero. It’s not the weight that’s unusual, but the fact that it’s made of chocolate!Szuflandia


If you ever wanted to twirl your mustache while contemplating the works of Tolstoy, it is towards Carska that you should go. And even if you don’t have a mustache, don’t consider that a prerequisite.TFN

Located inside a train station originally built to handle the luggage of the last Tsar for his hunting joys in Białowieża, notable features include accommodations inside a solid water tower and an elegant restaurant serving food. game dishes drawn locally by minions in life

But it’s the train cars that steal the show: in all, four have been relaunched to serve as opulent suites decorated with rich and luxurious fabrics and portraits of the nobility. With rays of sunlight seeping through the windows, days pass as you pace your horse-drawn carriage humming the theme of Dr. Zhivago.

Back outside, get ready to film – with your camera. The wider area is home to a large national park reserve and the largest free-range bison herd in Europe. It is not uncommon to come face to face with these noble animals while traversing the winding paths dug in the forests.

Glamping Kimura:

The Polish-Japanese painter Lia Kimura has established herself as an artist of immense and expressive talent. However, for others his greatest masterpiece was the creation of a Zen glamping ground just beyond the outskirts of Warsaw.Glamping Kimura

References to Kimura’s oriental heritage are abundant in this enchanted garden, and in particular in the naming convention applied to the accommodation: thus titled after the Japanese gods, the tents are sumptuous objects decorated with stoves, furniture. hand carved and generous carpets.Glamping Kimura

A bubble of Zen happiness, explore trails lit by lanterns and garlands of light bulbs to discover hidden corners hung with hammocks or spaces for yoga. Also showcasing an outdoor movie screen, a bubbling hot tub, and a grilling fire pit, it’s unsurprisingly become a favorite spot for glamorous photoshoots and couples on the run. Glamping Kimura

Wilczy Szaniec Noclegi:

Does the name mean anything to you? It certainly should. Named after his childish party’s code name Mr. Wolf, the wolf’s lair in the Masurian wilderness served as Hitler’s HQ for around 900 days. Scene from the infamous Stauffenberg bomb plot and many other intrigues, little remains of the complex today other than the jagged remains of the tomb-like bunkers that once dotted the area. Wilczy Szaniec Noclegi

Wilczy Szaniec Noclegi

A sinister and contemplative attraction, you can also lie down here inside a bare bone hotel that once housed the Führer’s guards. Subject to an investigation by the Ghosthunters International team, go to room 7 for a possible encounter with a ghostly female agent. Of course, Poland has better hotels, but there are few that are scarier.Wilczy Szaniec Noclegi

Vegan house:

It took a while, but the Poles embraced glamping with the same enthusiasm as they embraced veganism as a national trend – it was always natural that somewhere along the line these two lifestyles merged.Vegan house

Tucked away within the scenic Klodzko Valley, this year-round tent village finds accommodation on a sloping hill with accommodation featuring perks such as armchairs and air conditioning inside spherical domes. Equipped with en-suite bathrooms as well, the main highlights are the wooden platforms the tents have been set up on – from these guests, they sit and watch the sky turn crimson over the mountains opposite.Vegan house

Seeking to bring people as close as possible to nature, the eco-responsible approach is highlighted via a 100% vegan menu and a barn converted into a Finnish sauna. According to the owners, “it’s better served as well as having pets inside.Vegan house

Hobbitowa Gorka:

As this happens, Middle-earth is somewhere in southern Poland. With Poland’s original hobbit house seemingly gone from the online world, their absence from the market was taken by this place, a charming grass-roofed cottage meant for groups.Hobbitowa Gorka

Hobbitowa Gorka

Constructed of clay, straw and wood, this fantastic abode features oddly shaped rooms and an energy conducive to realigning your soul. The larch wood deck is the highlight, offering stunning views of the wildlife that congregates in the rolling meadows.Hobbitowa Gorka

Uroczysko Zabork:

Located on an incredible 70 hectares, a stay in Zaborek is more like a visit to a skansen. Although it can accommodate 100 people, its vastness ensures that human interaction is as limited as you want it to be.Uroczysko Zabork

Uroczysko Zabork

Among your many choices, choose between sleeping atop an atmospheric 1920s wooden windmill, a restored forest house, or, get this, an 1880 wooden church. Uroczysko Zabork

Uroczysko Zabork

Uroczysko Zabork

Not short of personality, here you immerse yourself in the past enjoying simple pleasures like horseback riding, board games, kayaking and cycling. A place of innocent and old-fashioned activities, the days end with hearty meals inspired by the traditional cuisine of the Podlasie region.Uroczysko Zabork


Who doesn’t dream of lazing around with a glass of bubbles while looking up to the sky through their very own stargazing telescope? At wBańce, you do just that from the confines of the futuristic bubble tents that look like they were invented by NASA.wBAŃCE

Boasting names like Starlink, Venus, Bitcoin, and Milky Way, these see-through tents are separated from each other by neat, neat greenery and tactically planted trees. Snuggled under immaculate linens, patrons enter a dreamy state of mind as they watch the spectacle unfolding in the sky above.wBAŃCE

And don’t panic if it’s a dull, cloudy night. A center of vibrant creativity and energetic nightlife, the temptations of Łódź are only 20 minutes away by Uber.wBAŃCE

Bookworm hut:

It’s all in the name. Offering complete privacy in the middle of nowhere (well, in a rural location 50 clicks from Warsaw), this wooded, country retreat was custom-built with avid readers in mind. Bookworm hut

Set on a cute footprint of just 25m², this off-grid escape features a cozy mezzanine, five-meter-high windows, and an outdoor wooden deck that you lean on and stretch out on while leafing through the books. that line the shelves of this cabin.Bookworm hut

As the nights get colder, retreat indoors to cover yourself with a blanket before toasting yourself lightly in front of the stove – in that flickering heat, enjoy the feeling of fulfilling the dream of staying in a cabin in the mountains. drink. Bookworm hut


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