The Secret Service traveled extensively with Donald Trump last year


In the year since the former Donald Trump left office, the former president has cost the US Secret Service more than $1.3 million in hotel and transportation bills, according to documents obtained by The Daily Beast.

Traveling between South Florida and New Jersey, federal agents spent $788,286 on hotel rooms, an additional $286,802 on rental cars and $262,091 on air and rail travel.

The Daily Beast recently received the documents after filing a public records request with the federal law enforcement agency, which protects current and former US presidents.

While that $1.3 million is only a fraction of the overall cost of protection, there’s good news for taxpayers: It appears some federal agents are no longer paying for overpriced rooms at Trump properties. instead, opting for rooms at a nearby Hilton, Marriott, and Homewood Suites instead.

Still, there are plenty of other costs not included in response to The Daily Beast’s request for tapes – the tapes don’t show how many agents were assigned to Trump’s security details or whether they racked up damage. other costs during their assignment – but we know many of them. additional charges exist.

For example, the records we obtained do not include any spending at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump continued his unscrupulous practice of charging high rates for rooms rented on his own. properties.

As The Washington Post revealed last year, the real estate billionaire billed the government $396 for every day agents rented out rooms at his Mar-a-Lago Club. Those charges alone amounted to $40,011 in just the first three months after he left office.

Then there was his decision, while still in office, to grant his wealthy adult children and former officials an additional six months of Secret Service protection. The Washington Post reported that it cost US taxpayers $1.7 million for federal agents to follow them on ski vacations and weekend getaways, like the former Treasury secretary and banker’s personal business trip investment manager Steven Mnuchin in Israel and Qatar five months after leaving office.

All former presidents enjoy lifetime Secret Service protection, which means Trump is followed by armed federal agents while he stays and travels between his oceanfront estate in Florida and his golf resort. in Westminster, New Jersey. According to former agency staff, ex-presidents normally have two shifts guarding them at all times, on a rotating basis.

Since leaving office, Trump has continued to show the same pride in his Secret Service protection details that he did when he occupied the White House, often showing them to guests and visiting MAGA glitz. and regularly roam the corridors of Mar-a-Lago and its other private clubs.

Over the past year, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter, the twice-impeached former president repeatedly told visitors he had the hardest and best Secret Service detail. of all current and former US presidents. Trump, according to one of the sources, also has a habit of bragging to guests about how the agents still assigned to him are so “handsome” – an ever-recurring compliment from Trump.

Additionally, as sources have described, Trump followed another recurring tic that existed during his time in the Oval Office. In his post-presidency, Trump has been known to engage in brief conversations with agents, then smile and ask, “So you voted for me, didn’t you?” the presidential election was somehow “rigged” against him. (It was not.)

A former senior Trump administration official added that the then president “liked the [agents] who looked in good physical shape [and] beautiful”, but “asked for being overweight [and overweight-looking] those to be removed” from its detail.

The Secret Service declined to say how the $1.3 million travel and hotel costs for protecting Trump over the past year compare to similar costs for protecting the other three living former presidents. : Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The agency also did not specify the additional costs involved in renting workspace at Mar-a-Lago.

“Due to the need to maintain operational security, the U.S. Secret Service does not comment on the means, methods, or resources used to conduct our protective operations,” agency spokesman Kang Lee said.

These additional rooms in Mar-a-Lago would be important, as they would serve as a command post where agents can coordinate his protection and a room downstairs for agents to stand by.

The documents obtained by The Daily Beast do not even hint at overspending by the agents themselves. For example, agents rented two “midsize” cars from a Budget at Palm Beach International Airport for just $36 a day for a few weeks last month.

But it’s impossible to say whether the former president’s indicted company, The Trump Organization, charges high fares to board his personal jet, because the agency has completely redacted all flight expenses. The agency claimed the information would violate privacy and disclose law enforcement techniques and procedures.

In fact, the $1.3 million spent on hotels and travel appears to be a little lower than expected, according to retired Secret Service Assistant Deputy Director James Helminski.

“That tells me that most of his travels are domestic. In fact, it sounds low. I don’t think you know the whole story,” he said.

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