The Travelodge logo leaves many TikTok users confused


Another day, another baffling logo.
This time it’s a hotel company in the UK with the image so stunning people have taken to social media to share their shock.

A quick glance at the Travelodge logo and like many you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s rolling hills – but it’s not.

People bombarded TikTok to share clips of their reaction after learning that the “sunset image” is actually of a sleeping person.

It makes sense given the company is known for its hotels, however, tourists and Britons alike were stunned by the revelation.

“Since when is the Travelodge logo someone sleeping in bed? The whole time I thought it was a hill and mountains,” one shocked TikTok user wrote.

“My life will never be the same again.”

Another user captioned their now-viral video: “My thoughts on how the Travelodge logo is a sleeping person… For years I thought it was hills!”

While guessing that the image was an idyllic landscape was somewhat understandable, one person had a rather interesting sight.

“Damn I thought it was a seagull,” they wrote.

“I refuse to believe it’s not a sunset and mountains,” said another.

“I’ve never seen that in my entire life. Thought it was just colors,” a third person wrote, while a fourth joked, “NO WAY. I’ve lived a lie all my life.

If you haven’t noticed this by now, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.

Even a Travelodge employee had no idea.

“I work for Travelodge and never realized it,” they write.

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