Threatening the church means threatening Poland and cannot be tolerated, says Kaczyński


If Poland is to have a future, attacks on the Catholic Church must not be tolerated, says Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of the ruling national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party.

The mission of the church is closely linked to Polishness and Polish history, and anyone who threatens one also threatens the other, said Kaczyński, who warned that “internal and external enemies are trying to destroy Poland “.

His remarks came during a speech outside a church in his mother’s hometown of Starachowice, where he had attended a mass commemorating the ninth anniversary of her death and unveiled a plaque in her honor. The event was broadcast live on national television.

After a group of protesters heckled Kaczyński, he told those present – ​​which also included fellow Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin and local PiS MPs – that “if our Polish nation is to have a future, it must last. and not be disturbed, as we saw a moment ago”.

Opponents of Kaczyński’s visit could be heard shouting “Get out of here”, “Go home” and “You will serve your sentence” as he left the church, Onet reports. His speech was then greeted with whistles and chants of “Free Poland”.

“This is something that should not be tolerated,” Kaczyński continued, as quoted by Polsat News. “This is not the sphere of freedom. It’s… raise your hand to the church, which also means raise your hand to Poland.

“It is our duty to thank God for offering the Kaczyńskis to Poland,” says Archbishop

Kaczyński then referred to the protesters as “successors to the fourth department of the Interior Ministry”, a reference to part of the security services during the communist period. The PiS considers its opponents to be the “post-communist” successors of the old regime.

It is the department that “struggled against the church and Polishness”, which is now “passed down to subsequent generations”, Kaczyński continued. “And the big mistake made after 1989, the lack of punishment, the fact of not handling all of that properly, still weighs on us.”

The PiS argues that Poland did not properly take into account the former communist regime after 1989 and that the same political and legal elites retained their positions and privileges. He used these arguments to justify his controversial overhaul of the justice system as well as to attack his political opponents.

“But I believe that the time will come, and it will also fulfill the will of the generation to which my mother belonged, and… it will be a very useful event for Poland, building us a good future,” he said. he concluded.

Kaczyński also spoke of his mother’s activity in the church as well as underground organizations, including the “Grey Ranks”, a paramilitary scouting association operating during World War II that resisted Nazi German occupation.

“My mother’s generation passed on to her children memories whose message was Polish patriotism, loyalty to Poland and rejection of communism,” Kaczyński was quoted by public broadcaster TVP as saying.

“It was they, often paying with their lives, who laid the foundations of the Free Polish Republic,” he added. “We must remember that by rejecting everything and everyone who threatens it…who are today trying to destroy Poland from all sides, in close collaboration with our external enemies.”

Outside forces are trying to overthrow the Polish government using the fifth column, says public TV chief

The TVP leader – a former PiS politician – also recently warned that “outside” forces were seeking to “overthrow the government” and “destroy the Polish state” with the “involvement of a fifth column” in Poland.

Kaczyński has also previously used the anniversary of his mother’s death to deliver similar speeches. Last year, speaking from inside the church itself, he warned that “evil is attacking our country, our homeland, our nation, it is attacking the institution that is at the heart of our identity, Catholic Church

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