Three British women forced to sleep in quarantined hotel room with boyfriend who has Covid



The 24-year-old women were stuck in a hotel room with two beds and a sofa together for two weeks, with no way to clean their already worn clothes.

The three friends were to share a small room for the next 14 days

Three British women were forced to sleep in a room with their Covid-positive friend in a Greek quarantine hotel.

The 24-year-olds were staying at the Mykonos facility after their friend tested positive for coronavirus at the end of their vacation week.

Although they themselves tested negative, they were forced to spend a night with the potentially infectious pal in the island’s only quarantine hotel.

The dismayed trio, who were then moved to a room with two beds and a sofa where they had to stay for 14 days, spoke of the chaos at the hotel.

They claim that guests who may be infected openly roamed the common areas.

Until the early morning hours of their first night, they were kept awake by the pounding music of the other guests.

The woman had to share a small bathroom

The three friends spent 14 days in the small room

The mother of one of the women feared her daughter would be at unnecessary risk of catching Covid.

“It’s quite outrageous,” the administrator told the Mirror.

“They were put in a taxi to get to the quarantine hotel even though they were neither sick nor HIV positive.

“The whole hotel is full of people who have Covid and they fear having it.

“Putting them completely in a place where they are at a much higher risk of catching Covid is inhumane.

“They are very distressed. It is a very bad end to a beautiful vacation.”

The women, who asked not to be named so as not to risk conflict with hotel staff, had decided to fly to Greece after their vacation was postponed due to the lockdown.

Everything had gone well until the last day in mid-July, when their double-vaccinated friend returned a positive test.

They were all taken to a quarantine hotel and placed in the same room overnight, despite the infected member of their group suffering from a cough.

“We tried to get as far away as possible with the window open,” one of the trios told the Mirror from the hotel during their quarantine period.

They were less than impressed with the meals they received

“We could hear people partying. Men walked past the door, which we had not closed to circulate the air.

“The men spoke Italian but we could understand them. They were saying vulgar things about coming into our rooms and what they would like to do to us.”

The group complained about lax hygiene standards in the hotel, saying people do not wear masks in common areas or disinfect their hands.

“There are ants on the floor in our room,” said another woman.

“There is no wifi here and we all have to work full time. We are in the middle of nowhere on the island and there is no one you can send to buy anything for you.

“All of our clothes are dirty after our week away and we have no way to wash them.”

The trio said the other hotel guests were on their own, with their friends and families left behind in the country.

Breakfast left the trio hungry

“It’s like we’re stuck here waiting to have Covid,” said one of the attendees.

“All the dishes are washed by hand. We picked up some glasses and they were too dirty to use.

“There is no laundry room. We were told that we will not have clean sheets or towels during our entire stay.”

For two weeks, they had to try to work from the room, taking turns to share the desk and chair.

While they were doing so, they had to listen to other less Covid-aware guests having fun.

“The lady at the reception disappears during the day,” continued one of the women.

“Rumor has it that a group of six guys walked into downtown and came back later. We could literally leave if we wanted.

“Apparently some people have been to the beach. Everyone hangs out in the social zone.”

The women were able to leave quarantine and return to the UK on July 30.

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