Top 3 Most Affordable Vacation Destinations To Vacation In The United States


South Africans are already budgeting for their next overseas trip, and many are hoping to get their passports stamped in the United States.

Like in any other country, there are some cities that will cause serious damage to your bank account or be a little easier on your pocket.

When you take into consideration cost factors such as accommodation, activities and meals, your choice of destination can become limiting depending on your budget.

For those looking to travel to the United States, here are the three most affordable vacation spots.

1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The state capital of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City was also the cheapest for half of the factors we analyzed, costing just $ 3 (around R45) for a beer, $ 11.50 (around R180) for a meal in a restaurant and $ 106 (approximately R1600) for one night in a hotel!

Oklahoma City. Image: Pexels

If you are fascinated by the Old West then Oklahoma City is a must visit, where you can visit the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, try your hand at roping and cattle ranching and horseback riding on a ranch, or taking a rodeo, all without breaking the bank!

2. Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is another extremely affordable city to visit, where the cost of travel was particularly cheap, with a one-way trip on local transportation costing just $ 1.75 (around R26) and an average cab ride of 1 km to $ 1.24 (approximately R19).

Indianapolis. Image: Pixabay

Hopefully your taxi doesn’t travel at the same speeds that participants of the Indianapolis 500, the world’s largest day-long sporting event and perhaps the city’s biggest attraction, reach.

3. Tucson, Arizona

If you want to visit one of the country’s many spectacular national parks, an economical option might be to stay in Tucson, Arizona, which is home to Saguaro National Park and was also one of the cheapest cities to visit on our listing.

An overnight hotel stay in “The Old Pueblo” costs just $ 134 (around R2000), while a draft beer will cost you just $ 4 (around R60).

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