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Have you booked a holiday abroad this year?

According to a recent poll, the majority of Canadians plan to travel again now that countries have started to welcome tourists again after a two-year hiatus imposed by the pandemic. But these people take longer to materialize their plans and those who have done so prefer North America to Europe.

As people are eager to travel again, they are also apprehensive about their travel plans. Since the closures could be reimposed at any time, around 60% of Canadians said they would purchase a travel insurance policy for an upcoming trip.

Another study also revealed that the majority of locals (51.3%) feel less inclined to travel abroad due to the pandemic.

When asked where respondents were most looking forward to visiting this year, most Canadians, perhaps unsurprisingly, said they were excited to visit the United States. Next, the second highest number of people wanted to visit Italy.

What will be the most popular destinations in the world in 2022?

Before the pandemic, the most popular travel destination was France, with an impressive number of 90,645,444 visitors in 2019, according to shared survey data by an online car rental company.

The study compared countries for their number of international visitors each year from 1996 to 2019 and found that France was the most popular destination in all but five years during this 24-year period.

“America (United States) briefly topped the rankings, overtaking France in 1996-97 and 2013-16,” the report’s authors explain, adding that the figures for both countries regularly exceeded 70 million. In some years, these nations have doubled the total for the third most visited country.

After 9/11, however, tourism to America dropped significantly to around 60 million, “while France recorded around 74 [million] – the largest gap between the two countries during the research period.

Spain overtook the United States in 2019, with an impressive 83,624,795 visitors. The United States and China were not far behind, however, with 79,850,736 and 79,757,366 tourists respectively.

The fifth most visited country in 2019, Italy, saw far fewer visitors, with 63 million.

Traveling in Canada and Beyond: Trends Over the Years

The report’s authors note that the United States recorded the most visitors of any country in 2018, with a jaw-dropping 96 million tourists in a single year.

“Canada, Poland, Germany and Mexico have all spent several years in the top ten travel destinations, while in recent years Turkey has also been very popular, climbing to sixth place in 2009” , according to the study.

Overall, tourism has seen a steady increase in the decades leading up to 2019. There were 299 million people traveling to the top 10 destinations in 1996 and the numbers rose to 588 million in 2019.

But what does the future hold for us?

2022 is shaping up to be a critical year for the tourism industry, as more countries end COVID restrictions and more people feel safe to travel again.

Here is an overview of the popular countries tourists visited in 1996 and 2019:


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