Tripleplay Caveman 2.0 seeks to amp up hotel video displays


Tripleplay, a digital signage provider, has released a video and IPTV software platform, Caveman 3.2, with several features for the hospitality industry, according to a company press release.

Platform features include:

  • Improvements to reporting functionality giving content providers insight into user interactions with video content.
  • Improvements to reporting on Chromecast and support for hoteliers specifically to assess ROI and engagement insights.
  • Support for the native Netflix app on the Philips hospitality TV allows hotel guests to access Netflix from the hospitality portal and stream their own movies and shows to the Philips TV.
  • Video playback without interruption in signage for improved playback quality and transitions
  • Signaling scheduling improvements for live events to schedule content to repeat for a specified time period or repeat indefinitely.
  • PMS support for Mews, StaynTouch and Skytouch so properties can use their PMS to display welcome messages to guests, view their bill and ensure the system is fully reset upon departure.

“We have gathered invaluable insights that our customers and partners have shared with us, and we are confident that these enhancements will bring significant benefits to our users,” Tripleplay CEO Steve Rickless said in the release. “This is a major release that demonstrates the commitment and dedication of our teams to bring it to market, and we look forward to in-person demos at ISE2022 in May and Infocomm in Las Vegas in June.”

Tripleplay is a manufacturer of audience engagement technology and software incorporating the Oneland and Reserva brands. Products include IPTV technologies, digital signage, corporate video and room booking.

Based in the UK, Tripleplay has offices in Spain, Portugal, USA, Australia, Dubai and Singapore, as well as strategic teams in France, Germany, Poland, Turkey and South Africa. South.


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