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New Delhi, September 17 (IANSlife): In a hotel industry crowded with large chains offering luxury and aspiration, starting an independent boutique hotel is a brave and risky step. But, if done right, it’s a huge opportunity. In the current scenario, travelers are increasingly looking for the “experience” but choosing based on online photos and videos when choosing accommodation. Instagram has become one of the main platforms for this splash.

Boutique properties are a way to create something so beautiful and define success in your own unique style. In line with the way travelers consume, the class and exquisite experience that is exclusive should be communicated through Instagram more than other social media platforms. Here’s what boutique hotels can do to make their hotels shine on Instagram and gain an edge, says Roop Pratap Choudhary, Executive Director, Noor Mahal and Founder Colonel Saab, London (UK).

Establish your brand – A brand goes beyond comfort, luxury, logo and colors. It is the personality and identity that differentiates the boutique hotel from its competitors. It is important not only to attract potential customers, but also to strive to create aspirations. It is important to build a unique selling point. The whole package should be such that the boutique hotel becomes an intriguing option that customers feel they shouldn’t miss.

Know your guests – It’s important to understand your guests and arrange the most personalized experience based on their preferences. Synchronizing the hotel’s offer to best meet the tastes and expectations of customers goes a long way to making them feel welcome. Understand what they prioritize, what they expect and what they want. Translate the same through your Instagram to stay connected with them.

Highlight themed spaces – beautifully capture the themed spaces you’ve created and share them on Instagram. Not only highlight the space, but also encourage guests to share their happy moments enjoying the novelty.

Inspire with food – Food should be delicious, but the presentation should be inspiring. Build plates that not only tempt the appetite, but are also photographic delights. Food pictures are great sharing for Instagram, beautiful and interesting plates encourage guests and diners to also post on Instagram and share their moments with their connections.

Lighting for Effect – A very basic but underrated idea for improving Instaworthyness is to focus on hotel lighting. A professional photo shoot can amplify decor elements by adjusting the light and even using additional lights. But, for the photos that the guests take, it needs the help of good lighting which would give good results. The lighting used to enhance the appearance of the hotel does not necessarily translate into good lighting for photographs. So make changes to meet this requirement.

By following these simple steps, one can easily win the hearts of new millennial and Gen Z customers who are seamlessly setting new rules for Indian hospitality.

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