Ukraine: Canada warns against travel to Belarus


Canadians are warned not to travel to Belarus due to the “risk of armed conflict with Ukraine,” according to a new travel warning.

According to the government’s website, Canadians should avoid non-essential travel to Belarus at this time as there could be “arbitrary application of local laws” as well as risk of conflict.

“The ability of the Canadian Embassy in Poland to provide consular services in Belarus is extremely limited,” the notice said. “If you are in Belarus and your presence is not essential, you should consider leaving through commercial means.”

The advisory also noted that they specifically warn against travel to any regions of Belarus within 50 kilometers of the border with Ukraine, such as Brest and Gomel “due to joint Belarusian- Russians”.

Belarus borders both Ukraine and Russia. The advice comes as tensions between Russia and Ukraine have escalated in recent weeks.

Currently, around 30,000 Russian troops are in Belarus for what Russia describes as military exercises. While these were originally scheduled to end on Sunday, the troops have not been withdrawn, which US leaders say further confirms their claim that Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine.

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